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What is a Product Roadmap?

A product roadmap is a graphic depiction of your product strategy that lists your development cycle’s objectives, schedules, and checkpoints. By establishing a roadmap, you can bring your team together around a shared vision, inform stakeholders of your goals, and keep your development process on schedule. In this article, we’ll go in-depth into what a product roadmap is, why it’s critical, and how to develop one that promotes success.

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What is a Product Roadmap?

A high-level plan that describes the strategic vision for a product is known as a product roadmap. It aids in coordinating stakeholders around a common goal, the prioritization of features, and the communication of product managers‘ and teams’ product strategies. An outline of a product’s features, a schedule, and milestones are standard components of a product roadmap.

Any company that wants to remain competitive in the market today needs to have a product roadmap. A product roadmap can assist organizations in staying focused on what matters most by laying out a clear direction for the product, ranking features, and uniting stakeholders behind a shared vision. A product roadmap can also assist organizations in adapting to shifting market conditions and consumer demands, enabling them to pivot quickly to seize new possibilities. Businesses can create products that satisfy customer wants, bring in money, and promote growth using the appropriate product roadmap approach and tools.

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Benefits of a Product Roadmap

Businesses can gain a variety of advantages from a product roadmap, and they are elaborated further:

Types of Product Roadmaps

Types of Product Roadmaps

Product roadmaps come in a variety of forms, each with special advantages and applications. The following are a few of the most popular kinds of product roadmaps.

Businesses may successfully explain their product strategy, prioritize features, and bring stakeholders together around a common goal by selecting the best form of the product roadmap for their purposes.

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How to Create a Product Roadmap

Creating a product roadmap requires careful planning, prioritization, and communication. By following these steps and regularly reviewing and updating your roadmap, you can ensure that your product development efforts are focused and aligned with your overall strategy.

Here is a detailed plan for creating a product roadmap:

Product Roadmap Tools

Product Roadmap Templates and Tools

There are several product roadmap templates and tools available to help you create your roadmap, including.

Product Roadmap Templates

Product Roadmap Templates are valuable tools used by product managers to visually plan and communicate the strategic direction of a product. They outline the goals, timelines, and key features of a product’s development, providing a clear roadmap for the team to follow. Here are five commonly used templates:

Goals Product Roadmap Template

Goals Product Roadmap Template

This template focuses on setting and achieving specific goals. It highlights the objectives and key results (OKRs) that the product team aims to accomplish within a given timeframe. It helps align the team’s efforts towards common objectives, ensuring everyone is on the same page.

Portfolio Product Roadmap Template

Portfolio Product Roadmap Template

This template provides an overview of multiple products within a company’s portfolio. It helps stakeholders and executives understand the interdependencies, resource allocation, and timeline of various products, aiding in strategic decision-making and prioritization.

Product Release Roadmap Template

Product Release Roadmap Template

This template focuses on the timeline and key milestones for product releases. It outlines the features, enhancements, and bug fixes planned for each release, enabling the team to plan development cycles, coordinate with other teams, and communicate release schedules to stakeholders.

Product Feature Roadmap Template

Product Feature Roadmap Template

This template emphasizes the specific features and functionalities planned for a product. It showcases the roadmap of feature development, prioritization, and release dates, assisting the team in understanding the product’s evolution and aligning their efforts accordingly.

Agile Product Roadmap Template

Agile Product Roadmap Template

This template is designed for agile product development methodologies. It incorporates iterative and incremental development principles, allowing flexibility and adaptability. It focuses on short-term goals, sprints, and backlog prioritization, providing a dynamic roadmap that evolves as the product develops.

Example of a Product Roadmap

Product roadmaps serve different functions and purposes based on the organization and product, resulting in various types of roadmaps. Here are some common ones:

Portfolio Roadmap: This roadmap provides a consolidated view of planned releases for multiple products. It is beneficial for showcasing the strategic overview to executives, advisory boards, and internal teams, offering insights into the organization’s product portfolio.

Sprint Roadmap: The sprint roadmap is centered around delivery-focused sprint planning. It ensures that development teams align with upcoming work, keeping everything updated and on track. Sprint durations may vary, and this roadmap optimizes success by planning and coordinating tasks accordingly.

Releases Roadmap: This roadmap outlines the necessary steps and responsibilities leading to a successful product release. It facilitates collaboration among cross-functional teams by clearly defining what needs to be done, when it needs to be completed, and who is accountable for each deliverable.

Features Roadmap: The features roadmap presents the timeline for delivering new features. It is valuable for communicating specific details to internal teams and even customers, ensuring clarity and transparency about feature development.

By understanding the different types of product roadmaps and their intended purposes, organizations can effectively communicate their product strategies, align teams, and achieve successful outcomes. Each roadmap type serves a unique function, catering to specific needs and providing a roadmap tailored to the organization’s goals.

Product Roadmap Strategy

Businesses must prioritize features in line with their product vision and target market, keep an eye on the big picture, be adaptable to shifting market conditions, and maintain flexibility in order to implement a successful product roadmap approach.

You must have some definite idea in mind when creating a product roadmap strategy.

By adhering to these recommendations, businesses can create a robust product roadmap strategy that promotes growth and success.


Product roadmaps are crucial tools for companies looking to develop successful product strategies and maintain an edge over the competition. You can synchronize stakeholders, prioritize features, and explain your product vision to your team and customers by developing a product roadmap. Making a product roadmap can be a simple procedure that has substantial advantages for your company with the correct tools and templates.

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