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What are Deliverables in Project Management?

In this post, we’ll discuss the idea of deliverables in project management, their significance, and how they can be managed and tracked correctly. Join us as we explore the world of project management and learn the secret to completing projects successfully.

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What is a Deliverable?

Deliverables are crucial to project management because they give the project structure, responsibility, and clarity, thus ensuring that they are completed on schedule, within budget, and with the necessary quality standards.

A deliverable is a material or intangible product created as part of a project, and it is necessary to accomplish the project’s goals. Anything produced and delivered to satisfy deadlines and particular specifications qualifies as a deliverable and it may include a service, goods, report, document, or anything else. 

Deliverables are crucial to project management since they serve as a gauge for the achievement and development attained. They are used to keep tabs on the project’s development and ensure that it is on track to achieving its goals. Deliverables ensure that everyone is working towards the same objective by setting clear expectations and duties for all stakeholders.

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What is a Project Deliverable?

What is a Project Deliverable

Project deliverables are the outputs of a project that are produced and delivered to stakeholders. Deliverables, which can either be tangible or intangible, can be created at any point in the project’s life cycle to give stakeholders a clear idea of what the project is intended to deliver.

Types of Deliverables

Project deliverables come in various forms, including:

What Happens to a Deliverable After it is Created?

What Happens to a Deliverable After It is Created

Project management entails the process of managing deliverables. Besides addressing the needs of stakeholders and end users, it ensures that the project is executed on schedule, within budget, and with the necessary quality standards.

A deliverable must pass through several steps after it is developed before it is deemed finished. These phases might involve approval, acceptance, and review. An overview of what happens to a deliverable when created is provided below.

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Managing Deliverables in Project Management

Managing project deliverables is a critical task in project management. To manage project deliverables, effectively, project managers need to uphold the following:

Consequences of Not Meeting Project Deliverables

Failing to meet the project deliverables can have major repercussions on a project, as well as the organization. Proper project management is crucial to ensure that project deliverables are completed on schedule, within budget, and with acceptable quality standards. This can contribute to the success of the project, as well as the satisfaction of  the stakeholders and end users.

The project, as well as the organization, may suffer greatly if the project deliverables are not met. Mentioned below are some repercussions of failing to satisfy project deliverables.


A project’s outputs, whether material or intangible, are known as deliverables. Deliverables created throughout a project’s life cycle can be goods, services, or written materials. A project’s success depends on the efficient management of its outputs. Project managers can manage project deliverables and produce successful projects by defining project deliverables, setting priorities, developing a timeline, keeping track of progress, talking with stakeholders, tracking modifications, guaranteeing quality, and gaining acceptance.

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