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The Marketing Shift

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“It is not the strongest of the species that survives, nor the most intelligent that survives. It is the one that is the most adaptable to change.” — CHARLES DARWIN


You start searching online for a shirt you were planning to buy and suddenly it starts following you, wherever you go. Maybe you are just browsing through your Facebook feed and you find that shirt on the right-hand side of the screen. Related ads start popping before any YouTube videos you watch. It might have also made an entry to your inbox. Does it feel like your smartphone has some supernatural powers? Unfortunately, no, let me burst the bubble for you. These are results of carefully designed algorithms to make sure that almost all searched products are converted into sales.

Don’t agree? Read through.

The more challenges we face, the more indispensable it becomes to not ignore digital solutions as ‘Change is inevitable’. Be it a natural disaster, political unrest or a pandemic, we are convinced that change will happen in some form or the other and we have to make sure we upgrade ourselves. As the later part of the quote also says ‘Growth is intentional’ we all know why. Marketing as we know it has been a part of our growing up years. We were not familiar with the term but we experienced it in some form. Remember the Complan commercial? How kids drank it and proudly said ‘I am a Complan Boy/Girl’. It promised growth, we all wanted to be a Complan boy/girl at some point. The commercials remain relevant to date, although there are many more ways to engage consumers now. Marketing in the digital age underwent a paradigm shift. Just imagine how this lockdown would have turned out if it happened 15 years ago. How would people have worked when an internet connection was only a dream for the majority? The economic loss would have been on a larger scale. Not to forget how people stranded in different countries would completely lose touch with their loved ones, in a time when even the worst possibilities cannot be ruled out.

As face-to-face interactions are decreasing for the purpose of safety, people have started embracing digital alternatives faster than ever. Companies can still nudge their customers with a simple notification or various engaging challenges where both the marketer and the consumer are sitting at the comfort of their homes. There is a lot of room for creativity and it is also the need of the hour. As we being the people of the digital era are bombarded with tons of content every single minute and it becomes increasingly important for the content to be extraordinarily catchy to hold our divided and interrupted attention. ‘To continue winning the internet marketing game, your content has to be more than just brilliant, it has to give the people consuming that content the ability to become a better version of themselves’ once said Michelle Stinson Ross, Director of Marketing Operations at Apogee Results.

What crosses your mind when you hear about digital marketing? Chances are a ton of things cross your mind. Naturally, because it’s huge, it’s all around us and probably would take an entire book to explain, broadening its horizon ever so often. Every business needs it, and knowing the right tools help maximize the outcomes without burning a hole in your pocket. The term Digital Marketing was first used in the year 1990, with the launch of the first search engine ‘Archie’. Since then it has been a twisted path that the tech companies have traversed to reach where we are today. Not to mention there are a lot of upgradations which are waiting to take place. It is a booming industry and with the internet reaching more population at a cheaper rate this becomes more and more important. Now an ad should be made keeping in mind the huge amount of audience it attracts. Why have people shifted from ‘traditional’ marketing?

· The costs are much lower
· When properly structured it builds trust with consumers resulting in faster conversion
· There is a huge return on investment
· Results are easy to measure with the help of analytics tools
· Holds attention for a longer period by keeping consumers engaged

These are only a few of the many reasons people have turned to the digital platform. Any forward-looking firm will invest in digital marketing as they know it is the best available solution in crisis and calm. Most of the time, people mistake digital marketing for social media marketing. But the latter is a subset of the former. Social media marketing, although very crucial, is just a part of digital marketing. Digital marketing has not only helped develop the business but also it is the reason for the creation of a lot of new and successful companies. Any big company which has developed over the past couple of years and scaled their success to high levels it is only possible through going or rather starting digital.


Let us talk about an inspiring campaign by the brand Lego, it is a Danish toy producing company. They released their first global brand campaign in 30years with Rebuild the world. In their new campaign, they have gone past their toy industry and focussed more on climate change and social issues. It has gathered 5 million views on Youtube. It had a social message and made a reason for people to remember the brand. They are on its way to establishing a brand which goes beyond the product and talks about the things that matter. This is a great way to stand out in the crowd of competitors. It also attracts customers and retains them.

The digital form of marketing has given us so much more creativity to deal with. We as an organisation today are much closer to our consumer and we know much more about what their likes and dislikes are. We engage with customers who share similar interests and values as us.

The human mind is volatile, it seeks novelty every now and then. We get used to the tried and tested marketing tricks. To really get our attention, it would take more than the traditional fliers and newspaper. A better understanding of us from our digital footprints would go a long way.

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