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React Developer Salary Insights in 2023

According to StackOverflow’s survey, React (71%) is the most popular front-end framework, followed by Vue (33%) and Angular (20%). Svelte (89.4%) is the most loved framework, while Angular.js (38.3%) is the most dreaded. React (25.1%) is also the most wanted framework, followed by Vue and Svelte. These framework preferences influence salary packages. In “React Developer Salary Insights in 2023,” we will dive into React developer salaries, providing valuable info for employers and job seekers.

Let’s have a look at the table of contents to know more:

Table of Contents:

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Why is React in High Demand?

Let’s answer Why React is in High Demand or the top Reasons Behind Its Popularity. React is a JavaScript library for building and designing user interfaces. React has taken the web development world by storm and continues to be in high demand among developers and employers alike. 

Below are the several key factors that contribute to React’s surging popularity:

Reusability and Component-Based Architecture:

React’s component-based architecture enables developers to break down complex UIs into manageable, reusable components. 

Virtual DOM and Performance:

React Js introduced the concept of the Virtual DOM. It is a lightweight representation of the actual DOM. 

React Native for Cross-Platform Development:

React Native, an extension of React has become a game-changer for mobile app development

Strong Community Support:

React boasts an active and vibrant community of developers, contributing to its growth and evolution. 

Backed by Facebook:

React is maintained by Facebook, which instills confidence in its stability and longevity. Major corporations like Facebook, Instagram, Airbnb, and Netflix have successfully adopted React, further reinforcing its credibility and demand.

Ease of Learning and Integration:

React’s straightforward syntax and clear documentation make it accessible to developers of varying skill levels. Its ability to integrate smoothly with other libraries and frameworks, such as Redux for state management or GraphQL for data querying, enhances its appeal.

Rich Ecosystem and DevTools:

React offers a vast ecosystem of third-party libraries and tools that simplify development tasks. It also provides robust development tools like React DevTools, which assist developers in debugging and profiling their applications.

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Factors Affecting React Developer Salary

React has witnessed skyrocketing demand in recent years. As businesses increasingly rely on web applications for their digital presence. React developers have become prized assets in the tech industry. The salary of a React developer can vary significantly and is influenced by several key factors, which are discussed below:

Experience and Expertise:


Company Size and Reputation:

Skill Set and Stack Knowledge:

Project Complexity:

Demand and Supply:

Continuous Learning:

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What are the Skills Required by React Js Developer?

React JS developers should possess a blend of technical expertise, problem-solving skills, and adaptability. With a strong foundation in React and complementary skills like JavaScript, state management, routing, and debugging, they are well-equipped to excel in developing modern, interactive web applications.

Here’s a comprehensive list of the skills required to excel in a React Js developer role:

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Salary Range for React Developers in 2023

Based on the data published by Ambition Box, with very high confidence. The average salary of a React developer is estimated to be ₹ 4.0 LPA, with an estimated take-home salary of ₹ 29,531 – ₹ 30,852/month. These salary estimates are based on 2.7k latest salaries received from React developers.

Also, based on the insights provided by Glassdoor, the average base react developer salary is around ₹5,50,000/yr, and the average additional cash compensation is between the range of ₹35,000 – ₹86,500. This data is compiled based on the 596 salaries anonymously submitted to Glassdoor by React developers in India. 

Salary Comparison of React Developers in India in 2023

Below, mentioned are the React developer salaries in various regions of India:

Location Average Salary (INR) Maximum Salary (INR) Entry Level Salary (INR)
Bengaluru ₹ 7,00,000/yr ₹ 12,00,000/yr ₹ 5,00,000/yr
Delhi ₹ 6,50,000/yr ₹ 11,00,000/yr ₹ 4,50,000/yr
Mumbai ₹ 6,00,000/yr ₹ 10,00,000/yr ₹ 4,00,000/yr
Hyderabad ₹ 5,50,000/yr ₹ 9,00,000/yr ₹ 3,50,000/yr
Pune ₹ 5,00,000/yr ₹ 8,00,000/yr ₹ 3,00,000/yr
Chennai ₹ 4,50,000/yr ₹ 7,00,000/yr ₹ 2,50,000/yr
Ahmedabad ₹ 4,00,000/yr ₹ 6,00,000/yr ₹ 2,00,000/yr
Kolkata ₹ 3,50,000/yr ₹ 5,00,000/yr ₹ 1,50,000/yr
Jaipur ₹ 3,00,000/yr ₹ 4,00,000/yr ₹ 1,00,000/yr

Salary Comparison of React Developers with Different Levels of Experience in 2023

Below is the list of React developer salary comparisons between different levels of experience in 2023:

Experience Level Average Salary (INR) Maximum Salary (INR) Entry Level Salary (INR)
Entry Level ₹ 5,00,000/yr ₹ 8,00,000/yr ₹ 3,00,000/yr
Junior ₹ 6,00,000/yr ₹ 10,00,000/yr ₹ 4,00,000/yr
Mid-level ₹ 7,00,000/yr ₹ 12,00,000 /yr ₹ 5,00,000/yr
Senior ₹ 8,00,000/yr ₹ 14,00,000/yr ₹ 6,00,000/yr
Lead ₹ 9,00,000/yr ₹ 16,00,000/yr ₹ 7,00,000/yr
Principal ₹ 10,00,000/yr ₹ 18,00,000/yr ₹ 8,00,000/yr

Salary Comparison of React Developers in Different Companies in 2023

Here, we explore the salary landscape of React Developers across diverse companies in 2023:

Company Name Average React Developer Salary React Developer Salary Range
Tata Consultancy Services ₹4,49,276/yr ₹3L – ₹9L
Infosys ₹4,97,075/yr ₹3L – ₹12L
Cognizant Technology Solutions ₹66,191/mo ₹12T – ₹1L
Accenture ₹8,19,355/yr ₹6L – ₹18L
Wipro ₹4,30,333/yr ₹2L – ₹6L
Capgemini ₹7,54,351/yr ₹4L – ₹27L
HCLTech ₹8,56,300/yr ₹3L – ₹13L

Salary Comparison of React Developers in Different Countries in 2023

Country Average Salary Maximum Salary Entry Level Salary
United States of America USD 110,000 USD 170,000 USD 80,000
Dominion of Canada CAD 90,000 CAD 130,000 CAD 60,000
United Kingdom GBP 60,000 GBP 90,000 GBP 40,000
Federal Republic of Germany EUR 50,000 EUR 70,000 EUR 30,000
Republic of India INR 7,00,000 INR 12,00,000 INR 5,00,000
Commonwealth of Australia AUD 100,000 AUD 150,000 AUD 70,000
Republic of Singapore SGD 120,000 SGD 180,000 SGD 80,000
Japan JPY 1,000,000 JPY 1,500,000 JPY 700,000

How to Increase Your React Developer Salary in 2023?

As React continues to dominate the web development landscape, React developers are in high demand, making it an opportune time to explore strategies for boosting your React developer salary in 2023. 

Here are key steps to help you maximize your earning potential in this dynamic field. By following these strategies, you can substantially increase your React developer salary in 2023. 

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In 2023, the domain of React development has witnessed a transformative surge, driven by the escalating demand for ReactJS expertise. As businesses shift towards React for its unparalleled capabilities in crafting user interfaces, the salary landscape for React developers has become a focal point of discussion. Data from reputable sources like Ambition Box and Glassdoor underscores the high compensation packages awaiting skilled professionals in this domain. 

Furthermore, regional and experience-based variations offer a foundational understanding of the earning potential. With React’s undiminished momentum and its robust community support, the future for React and its developers appears promising. As the technology continues to evolve, it’s anticipated that React developer salaries will see further augmentation, reflecting the library’s enduring relevance in the tech industry.

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Frequently Asked Questions: FAQ

What is React developer salary in Bangalore in 2023?

In 2023, the React developer salary in Bangalore can vary. On average, React developers in Bangalore earn approximately INR 6-10 lakhs per annum for mid-level positions, while senior developers or those with extensive experience can command salaries exceeding INR 15 lakhs per annum, depending on their skills and the organization.

What is React Js developer salary in USA in 2023?

The React JS developer salary in the USA in 2023 varies based on experience. Junior developers can earn around $70,000 to $100,000 annually, mid-level developers may receive $100,000 to $130,000, while senior developers with extensive expertise can command salaries exceeding $150,000 per year.

Is React developer a good career?

Yes, pursuing a career as a React developer is a promising choice. With the increasing demand for web applications, React’s popularity, and competitive salaries, it offers opportunities for growth and a stable career path in the dynamic field of web development.

What skills does a high paying React developer have?

A high-paying React developer possesses proficiency in React.js, JavaScript, state management (e.g., Redux), routing (e.g., React Router), and responsive design. They excel in debugging, testing, and optimizing performance while also demonstrating strong problem-solving abilities, effective communication, and continuous learning to adapt to evolving industry trends.

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