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Mockito Mock Vs. Spy: Choosing the Right Approach

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Overview of Mockito Mock and Spy Approaches

Mockito is a popular Java testing framework with powerful capabilities for creating and managing mock objects. Mock objects are simulated objects that mimic the behavior of real objects, enabling developers to isolate and test specific code components.

Mock and Spy are two important features of Mockito that allow for different types of object manipulation during testing.

Mock Objects

Mock objects in Mockito are entirely synthetic objects that are dynamically created to emulate the behavior of real objects. They allow developers to define the expected behavior of dependencies or collaborators without invoking the actual methods of those objects. Mock objects provide a way to isolate the code under test from its dependencies, enabling focused and controlled testing.

Mockito’s Mock feature provides an easy-to-use syntax for creating and configuring mock objects. With Mockito Mock, you can specify the return values for methods, define custom behaviors, verify method invocations, and more. This allows you to set up a controlled environment for testing specific scenarios, ensuring predictable outcomes.

An Example of Using Mockito Mock

Consider a scenario with a ‘UserService’ class that relies on a ‘UserRepository’ to perform database operations. By creating a mock object for UserRepository, you can simulate the behavior of the database without actually connecting to it during testing. This helps in isolating the behavior of UserService and focusing on the logic being tested.

Spy Objects

Unlike mock objects, spy objects in Mockito are partially real objects that allow developers to retain the original behavior of the object while still providing the ability to customize certain aspects. Spy objects are useful when you want to test the real implementation of an object but also need to stub or mock specific methods.

Mockito’s Spy feature allows you to create a spy object by wrapping an existing class instance. The spy object retains the original behavior of the real object, but you can selectively override certain methods to provide custom behavior or verification.

An Example of Using Mockito Spy

Suppose you have a class called ‘Calculator’ with several methods, and you want to test the behavior of one particular method while keeping the others intact. By creating a spy object for Calculator and stubbing only the required method, you can focus the testing efforts on that specific method while still relying on the actual implementation for the rest.

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When to Use Mockito Mock?

Below, we will point out some scenarios where you may consider using Mockito mocks:

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When to Use Mockito Spy?

Here are some situations where you may consider using Mockito spies:

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Key Differences Between Mockito Mock and Spy Approaches

Here are the key differences between Mockito Mock and Spy:

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