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Investment Banking Job Description

Investment banking is a vast domain and has a huge career growth potential. An investment banker’s main role is to guide how to handle all the financial issues of the government and different companies. From a financial point of view, they work as a bridge between any business and its investors. 

If you have good knowledge and experience, you can get a job in a prestigious and profitable finance company. 

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Who is an Investment Banker?

Who is an Investment Banker

There are two types of banks: Commercial Banks and Investment Banks.  

Investment bankers look after companies’ funds carefully and safely and also guide the company on how to use or proceed with the funds in the right direction. 

Generally, they don’t work for retailers or any personal bank account holders, but for the big MNCs and the Government. 

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What does an Investment Banker do?

What does an Investment Banker do

As part of the investment banking job description, the responsibilities of an investment banker are providing financial advice, facilitating mergers and acquisitions, and assisting organizations in raising capital. To achieve the financial objective of their clients, they must be expertise in the financial markets.

Below we will be discussing the job descriptions of an investment banker comprehensively so that you can dive more deeply into the world of investment banking!

From these deals, the investment bankers take the charges from the corporates and get to manage themselves with higher salaries. 

So picture yourself working as an investment banker and earning a whopping salary!

Getting certified with our Investment Banking course will help you master the field and open up new career opportunities.

Skills Required for an Investment Banker

There is a demand for a lot of financial modeling and valuations. It takes a lot of time for Bank Analysts and Associates to work in and create models to advise their clients utilizing various valuation techniques.

Some of the skills that are required for a career in investment banking are listed here in the following order:

Investment Banker Salary in India

The average pay scale of an Investment banker is 13 LPA

The average pay scale of an investment banker’s salary in India is 13 LPA, and this is the base pay above which additional compensation can be offered, which can average 2,90,000 INR as per a survey.

So this is the average salary of an investment banker in India and will further grow as per experience and job responsibilities.

Investment Banker Job Roles and their Salaries 

Investment Banker Job Roles

Now you have a basic understanding of investment banking and the skills that are required to become an investment banker. So moving forward, you will get to know about the various roles along with the salaries of an investment banker.

Investment Banking Associate

The average investment banking associate’s salary in India is 10 Lakhs. However, the salaries can be ranging from 3.5 LPA to 36 LPA and can vary depending on the company.

Anti-Money Laundering(AML) Specialist

The average yearly compensation for an Anti-Money Laundering Specialist in India is 8 Lakhs, while individual company salaries can vary from 4.2 Lakhs to 11.5 Lakhs.

Financial Analyst

The average yearly income for a Financial Analyst in India is 7.4 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 3.6 Lakhs to 12.6 Lakhs. Although this might vary based on the organization.


An accountant typically earns anything from 2.5 lakhs to 7.2 lakhs per year, with an average pay of 3.8 lakhs. However, this might change depending on the company.

Account Manager

The average yearly income for an accounts manager in India is 7.2 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 3.6 lakhs to 14.6 lakhs. However, this can vary based on the business.

Risk Management Analyst

The average yearly income of a risk management analyst is 6 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 3 LPA to 18 LPA.

Capital Market Operations Consultant

The average salary for a capital market operations consultant is 18.2 LPA in India and mostly ranges from ₹12.8 lakhs per year to ₹35 lakhs per year and this might change depending on the company.

Credit Manager

The average yearly income for credit managers in India is 10.5 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 5.6 lakhs to 16 lakhs.

Investment Banker Salary According to the Experience

Investment bankers are in demand in comparison, because in the last few years, the growing uncertainty regarding investment has raised investment advice. To invest, raise funds, merge, buy rival assets, sell or buy assets, and also increase the return on investment, companies need the help of investment bankers. 

That’s why the investment banking profession has become one of the most trending professions in India and the rest of the world. 

However, the salaries of investment bankers differ compared with the different companies they are working with.


The interns are paid a good stipend. This amount depends on the abilities of the interns, the projects, and the tasks. All these things are considered because nearly all interns will be recent graduates or pursuing graduation with no work experience. The monthly stipend, with incentives, tips, and overtime compensation might reach up to Rs. 45,000 per month.

Junior Investment Banker

Investment bankers start with a monthly salary of Rs. 55,000 for entry-level with less than one experience of 1 year. A junior investment banker can make up to Rs. 70,000 per month after having some good experience in the field. They earn a compensation of roughly 1 lakh per month, which includes tips, bonuses, etc.

Senior Investment Banker

A senior investment banker’s pay is influenced by different types of variables, including experience level. An investment banker’s compensation ranges from Rs. 250000 per month to over Rs. 550000 per month at the highest.

Advanced Certification in Investment Banking Operations

Top Companies that Hire Investment Bankers

Top companies are rated based on anonymous employee reviews and are displayed with the total number of employees who have reviewed this company, their average salary, and the number of job openings. 

Some of the companies hiring investment bankers are listed below for your reference!

JP Morgan Chase

JP Morgan Chase is an investment company for financial services with its headquarters in New York. It is a major international firm for financial services. In India, the average salary for an investment banker at JP Morgan Chase is 27.6 LPA.

The annual salary is somewhere between 12 lakhs and 44.2 lakhs.

Morgan Stanley

Morgan Stanley is a famous American global investment company that aims to provide financial and investing services. It is one of the top most paying investment banking organizations in India.

At Morgan Stanley, an investment banker’s annual pay averages out at 14.8 lakhs and can vary from 6 lakhs to 40 lakhs.

Goldman Sach

One of the world’s biggest investment banking, management, and securities companies is Goldman Sachs. The average annual compensation for an Investment Banker at Goldman Sachs is 24 lakhs, with salaries ranging from 12.3 lakhs to 34.5 lakhs.


 Citigroup Inc., also known as Citi, is an American multinational financial services and investment bank with its headquarters in New York City. It is one of America’s Big Four financial institutions. The average pay at Citibank for employees is 21.6 LPA, with most employees earning between 15.4 LPA and 48.8 LPA. 

Axis Bank

 Axis Bank is one of the top private-based banks in India, headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra. This Indian banking and financial services company provides services to SMEs, mid-sized businesses, and large businesses.

At Axis Bank, an investment banker makes a salary of 24.4 LPA on average. The salary varies from 18.6 lakhs to 31 lakhs every year.

Bank of America

The Bank of America is an American global investment bank and holding company for financial services referred to as BoA. After JPMorgan Chase, it is the second-largest bank in the United States and, according to market value, the second-largest bank worldwide.

The average yearly income for a Bank of America investment banking analyst in India is 18.5 Lakhs, with salaries ranging from 14.2 LPA to 24 LPA. 


The investment banking job description involves a diverse range of responsibilities that are essential to the success of the financial sector. To succeed in this field, individuals must possess financial expertise, strong analytical skills, and the ability to adapt to any challenging situation.

However, if you are willing to put in your efforts, and committed to your goals, a career in investment banking can be a rewarding choice.

If you have any queries you can drop your questions on our Community Page and start a discussion.

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