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How to Become a Penetration Tester: A Career Guide

Penetration Testing

A penetration test also referred to as a pen test is a cyber security method used by organizations to identify, check and spot vulnerabilities mid their protection tactics.

These penetration checks are often carried out with the aid of ethical hackers.

We will be discussing pen-testers in detail, but before we do that, let us have a look at the topics to be covered in this blog:

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Before jumping into the pool of Penetration testing, we recommend you watch this youtube video for a clear understanding.

Who is a Pen Tester?

History of Penetration Testers

In the 1960s, computer systems were capable of converting information through communication networks. The developing feature of pc structures in government and business organizations made it crucial to create effective safeguards.

In 1967, more than 15,000 computing experts and public and private region officials met at the Joint Computer Conference. They cited the issue of network penetration, a concept that could emerge as known as penetration attempting out.

Early efforts with the resource of the use of the RAND Corporation helped create a systematic approach to penetration attempting out. Advanced computer protection systems like Multics then emerged. Multics functioned due to the fact the organization’s gold was preferred until about 2000.

Since that time, penetration attempts have emerged as increasingly more extra complex and specialized. Today, pen testers draw on various advanced equipment to choose out and close to off system vulnerabilities. Penetration attempting has moreover emerged as a big business organization, with 2021 estimates putting the charge of the global cybersecurity organization at $217.9 billion.

Roles and Responsibilities of a Penetration Tester

Roles and Responsibilities of a Penetration Tester

Some penetration attempting jobs supply distinctive titles, such as “ethical hacker” or “guarantee validator.” These positions have similar obligations to a penetration tester: searching for, choosing out, and trying to breach gift weaknesses in digital systems and computing networks.

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Career Transition

Penetration tester Job Description

Penetration/ethical hacking job scope varies considerably based absolutely on the organization and seniority degree. Looking at stated responsibilities for senior-degree positions provides a notion of the eventual dream mission for all ethical hackers. This real-lifestyles job description will give you an idea.

Skills To Become a Penetration Tester

Skills To Become a Penetration Tester

Employer necessities of recent hires withinside the penetration checking out the field, as in all cybersecurity disciplines, will range dramatically relying upon the targeted capabilities of every role and the extent of the role. Associate or junior pen testers, mid-stage pen testers, and senior or lead pen testers glaringly constitute sequentially advancing enjoy stages and duties withinside the penetration checking out umbrella.

Skill necessities in all likelihood to be encountered with employers encompass:

Soft Skills Required by Penetration Testers

Path to becoming a Penetration Tester

Path to becoming a Penetration Tester

The regular adventure of turning into a penetration tester starts to evolve excessively from university onwards. During this time, people with important aptitudes regularly find out and discover their hobbies in technology and IT, constructing technical competencies and working systems, scripting, coding, and programming.

Some of the paths are mentioned for you to analyze the pathway towards becoming a penetration tester.

Successful ethical hackers ought to own an excessive stage of each of those features on the way to excel. So be sincere, self-evaluation is more important than identifying whether or not pen checking out is the correct profession.

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Penetration Tester Jobs:

There are numerous approaches a would-be pen tester can wreck into the cybersecurity industry. Starting in safety administration, community administration, community engineer, gadget administrator, or web-primarily based software programming, constantly that specializes in the safety facet of every discipline, will offer a terrific basis for pen checking out.

Salary Insights of a Penetration Tester

Average Salary of a Penetration Tester

A regular base income of nearly $87,000 per annum is earned by pen testers. At the lower stop pen-testers earn about $59,000 per annum. At the top level, they make up to $138,000 per annum. Pay charges in main metro regions and main tech hubs tend to be at the better stop of the scale.

The common income for a penetration tester is ₹ 10,93,026 per annum in India.


The destiny of penetration-making and try-out services firmly sticks to AI, making check outcomes greater accurate and efficient. With AI-powered tools into the play, pen testers can proper away focal components at the improvement cycle itself, with utmost safety at the choice end.

Don’t hesitate to ask your doubts, drop your queries at our Cyber Security Community, our team will help you resolve them. Till then Happy Learning!

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