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Azure Career Opportunities – 2023

As a result of the worldwide shift to the cloud, a larger amount of technology is being developed. Consequently, Cloud Computing is on its way to become the number one sector with numerous new gainful career opportunities.

Curious to know about Azure and Azure career path? Let’s get started with that.

Here are the agenda points we will be covering in this article.

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A visual explanation is always better right? So here is a video by Intellipaat for your better understanding Azure Course

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What is Cloud Computing?

Cloud computing can be defined as a collection of services that are offered over the network, or “the cloud.” It entails utilizing distant servers for data storage and access as opposed to local disk drives and personal data centers.

Before cloud computing, businesses had to buy and operate their own servers in order to satisfy business demands, prevent disruptions and downtime, and meet peak traffic levels. This indicates purchasing adequate server capacity was required. Consequently, a lot of server space was underutilized for a long time.

Today’s cloud service providers enable businesses to cut back on the need for expensive local servers, maintenance staff, and other IT resources.

Because it provides a variety of advantages, cloud computing has rapidly increased in popularity. It can offer quicker service than a conventional installation and is more affordable than on-site server deployments.

Cloud computing systems are also simple to scale. The cloud grows along with a company’s changing requirements, making it simple to adapt to in-the-moment changes in processing power requirements. The cloud is also incredibly trustworthy, providing trustworthy data backup for business continuity and catastrophe recovery.

Businesses that use cloud infrastructure do not have to design their own solutions from start or manage complicated infrastructure. As fast as they gain executive approval, teams may launch initiatives using the cloud.

Azure Cloud

Azure is a globally recognized corporation for expediting and easing the process of obtaining, managing, organizing, sharing, competing, experiencing a market, and organizational data.

For the collection, organization, and dissemination of their most valuable asset, Fortune 500 organizations and their trusted advisers rely on Azure.

Azure Cloud

At its heart, Azure is a platform for public cloud computing that offers Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS), and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) solutions. These solutions may be utilized for services like analytics, virtual computing, storage, networking, and much more. Your on-premise servers can be supplemented or replaced with it.

Azure is the greatest public cloud service on the market since it is a quick, adaptable, and economical platform.

Interested in learning Azure and making a career in it? Here is Intellipaat’s Microsoft Azure training course just for you.

Career Transition

Features of Azure

Microsoft Azure is a cloud computing platform and infrastructure created by Microsoft for building, deploying, and managing applications and services through a global network of Microsoft-managed data centers.

Here are some of the features of azure you may be unaware of. Let’s discuss them in detail.

Put Microsoft Azure SQL To Use For Your Databases

Most businesses require database management. Through Microsoft Azure SQL, SQL data management is easily accessible on the cloud. This Azure data utility makes it simpler for your company to handle its data locally and is helpful for online and mobile apps. It can also be included in Microsoft Azure’s WebApps. The Azure SQL database is a fully managed database platform that uses traditional SQL technology. It is a simple alternative of SQL technology.

With Azure Site Recovery, Protect Your Website

Storage and recovery of VMs on Azure are made simpler with Azure Site Recovery. And that makes recovering from any data-related catastrophe simpler. You can save pictures of your most crucial data with Azure Site Recovery. A data crisis nowadays might almost completely destroy a business. It’s essential to have an integrated feature for keeping your information safe. This is particularly true now that security breaches and information breaches are increasingly frequent.

Deliver Virtual Appliances Directly Via Azure

You may virtualize general-purpose Windows or Linux workstations using Azure, or you can start pre-built platforms that have a predetermined list of certain apps. You may more quickly construct commercial and test environments and modify already-existing environments as needed, thanks to the ability to virtualize computers on-the-fly. Virtual machine snapshots can be saved and restored as necessary, even in the event that they are unintentionally overwritten or in the case of reliability problems.

Give Your Mobile App a Backend

Your mobile app’s backend may be hosted on the Azure platform using the Mobile Apps service. Today, a lot of businesses either create their own mobility solutions or have exclusive mobile solutions. The same Azure framework used for WebApp creation may also be used to construct a mobile application for your company.

Azure Certification

The Microsoft Azure certification exam verifies learned skills. Its objectives cover the development, application, and management of Microsoft Azure solutions. You must carefully analyze your requirements, fields of expertise, and career path to select the best exam from among the several Azure certification possibilities.

The Azure platform provides around 200 cloud services and products that were created to bring creative solutions to life in terms of addressing the challenges of the present and providing the foundation for the future. By utilizing your favorite methods and frameworks, you may create, administer, and supervise apps across several clouds.

How to Start a Career in Azure?

It is essential to lay a solid foundation if you want to pursue a fulfilling profession. The Microsoft Certified Azure Basics are very useful in this situation. It verifies a person’s essential cloud abilities, including a thorough comprehension of Azure’s core ideas. It includes using different cloud services, adapting to security and compliance, pricing for Azure, and more.

The following arguments support the value of this qualification for your career:

Microsoft Azure Careers

There are many career opportunities in the field of Microsoft Azure. We will now go over the possible employment options for individuals who have earned their Azure Certification.

Cloud Developer

Azure Cloud Developers are the creators! They create cloud-based apps. Their workday consists of coding, fixing bugs, and creating systems and solutions depending on client requirements. Typically, they have experience with cloud orchestration technologies and a history in software development.

DevOps Engineer

Azure DevOps Engineers are the key players! They create and put into effect DevOps principles, such as version control, CI/CD architecture, configuration management, build, release, and testing, among other things, to enhance the development cycle.

Cloud Consultant

Communication is their strong suit, thus, Azure Cloud Consultants are the ones who like coveying. Since they are the ones that businesses consult for guidance on selecting the ideal architecture and design for their purposes, they need to have a solid knowledge of cloud platforms, systems, and migration. They could also be responsible for the implementation and upkeep of these systems, which aligns this function more closely with some of the ones listed before.

Cloud Security Engineer

A Cloud Security Engineer is a professional that is in charge of guaranteeing an organization’s cloud computing environment’s security and compliance. This might involve things like putting in place security controls and procedures to safeguard cloud-based assets and data. Security risks and vulnerabilities are being monitored in the cloud environment.

Cloud Architect

Because they are the standard bearer for cloud best practices inside a company, cloud architects need to be knowledgeable about everything related to the cloud. They constantly consider how things should appear, leading the business with them as they supervise the creation of the network or suggest which of the newest Azure toolkits to utilize.

Preparing or want to prepare for an interview? Here are the Microsoft Azure Interview Questions and Answers.

Pay Package Offered

The salary packages available in the above job positions are listed below.

Pay Package Offered
Job Role Salary Offered(INR ₹) Average Salary
Cloud Developer 3 LPA-25 LPA 8 LPA
DevOps Engineer 5 LPA-13 LPA 6 LPA
Cloud Consultant 4 LPA-25 LPA 9 LPA
Cloud Security Engineer 5 LPA-25 LPA 8 LPA
Cloud Architect 6 LPA-40 LPA 20 LPA

Wrapping Up

Nowadays, using cloud computing in enterprises is the new standard. Almost every organization is eager to implement cloud computing solutions in order to cut expenses, increase business agility, and facilitate efficient data consumption.

Hope we were able to make you clear about the career opportunities available in Azure, Cloud Computing. For more information visit our Community page!

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