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Artificial Intelligence Courses Syllabus – 2021

In this blog, you will learn learn the following things:

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence or AI, is a branch of computer science that deals with building smart machines that are capable of performing complex tasks that normally require human interference and intelligence.

Certification in Big Data Analytics

It combines Computer Science and datasets to leverage machines and computers to imitate the decision-making and problem-solving capabilities that the human mind has.

To learn more, check out Artificial Intelligence Certification Course.

Authors Stuart Russell and Peter Norvig, in their groundbreaking book, Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, they discussed and explored four different approaches that historically defined the field of Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial Intelligence Courses

Artificial Intelligence is one of the fastest growing fields in the Computer Science industry. Every student nowadays wants to enhance their Artificial Intelligence skills, as it has shown to be highly beneficial in improving their placement prospects.

Here are some Artificial Intelligence courses that you can pursue.

Course Type of Course Institution / Organisation
Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI by IIT Madras Training and Certification IIT Madras, through Intellipaat
B.Tech / B.E. (CSE) with Specialization in Artificial Intelligence Bachelor’s Degree IIIT, Delhi
B.Tech (CSE) with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Bachelor’s Degree Manipal Institute of Technology
B.Sc. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning Bachelor’s Degree Chandigarh Group of Colleges
PG Certification in Data Science and Machine Learning – MNIT PG Certification MNIT Jaipur through Intellipaat (In collaboration with IBM and Microsoft)
PG Diploma in AI PG Diploma CDAC (Centre for Development of Advanced Computing)
PG Diploma in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence PG Diploma IIIT, Delhi
PG Diploma in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence PG Diploma IIIT, Bangalore
AI and ML PG Certification Programme PG Certificate BITS Pilani
Masters Course in Artificial Intelligence Master’s Course Intellipaat in collaboration with IBM
MSc in Data Science and Machine Learning Master’s Degree Reva University

Other than these courses mentioned above, many BTech and MTech courses offered in Computer Science also combine many Artificial Intelligence related subjects in their curriculum.

Read this blog by Intellipaat, to learn more about What is Artificial Intelligence and why you can choose to study it.

Now that you have seen what the different courses in Artificial Intelligence are, let’s learn about the common subjects in the Artificial Intelligence Course Syllabus for these courses.

Topics and Subjects in Artificial Intelligence Course Syllabus

The Artificial Intelligence courses that we discussed are offered in various streams, countries and institutes. The exact syllabus will always differ, based on the course you’re pursuing and the college or university you’re studying in, but each one of these courses focuses on the same common subjects.

These subjects are designed in a way that they give an overview of  Artificial Intelligence. Some of these  and topics are-

All these subjects are usually included in every artificial intelligence course syllabus, be it any level of education from any university or country.

Watch this tutorial on Artificial Intelligence, by Intellipaat

Most of these courses also include mandatory internships and live projects, during the course. These help the students to learn and understand better and get a better grasp of the subjects being taught.

Artificial Intelligence Course Syllabus: Certification

To understand the A.I Course Syllabus for Specialization Certifications, let’s look at the syllabus of the Advanced Certification in Data Science and AI by IIT Madras offered by Intellipaat.

The cost of such trainings and certifications can vary, depending on the course, the offering body, and the quality of the training and the experience of the faculty.

Next, let’s discuss the undergraduate courses.

Machine Learning Course Syllabus: Undergraduate

UG Certification in Machine Learning Course Syllabus

After looking at the course syllabi of some UG Certifications in Machine Learning, we could conclude that the Machine Learning Course Syllabus for any UG Certification usually follows the same pattern. Let’s understand that.

These courses are usually offered in online mode by many reputed colleges, universities and organizations, including highly prestigious IITs like IIT Madras.

Bachelor’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence Course Syllabus

You can pursue a Bachelor’s degree in either a 6-semester-long course like Computer Science, or an 8-semester-long course in Engineering or Technology, with specialization in Artificial Intelligence.

Semester 1 Semester 2
Object Oriented Programming With C++ Soft Skills
English Language and Communication Skills Programming in JAVA
Data Structures and Algorithms Basic Internet Laboratory
Discrete Mathematics Applied Mathematics
Environmental Studies Human Resources and Rights
Semester 3 Semester 4
Programming in Python AI and Knowledge Representation
Fuzzy Logic and Neural Networks Introduction to Machine Learning
Design and Analysis of Algorithms Programming in R
Introduction to Internet of Things Skill Based Project Work
Language Elective Major Elective
Semester 5 Semester 6
Machine Learning Techniques Embedded Systems
Ethical Hacking Natural Language Processing
Deep Learning Artificial Neural Networks
Data Analytics Techniques Machine Learning Live Project

Check out this in-depth Artificial Intelligence Tutorial by Intellipaat.

If you’re pursuing an 8-semester-long course, you might study some additional subjects like Human Computer Interaction, Pattern Recognition and Augmented Reality.

Artificial Intelligence Course Syllabus: Post-Graduate

PG Certification in Artificial Intelligence Course Syllabus

Let’s look at the syllabus of the PG Certification in Artificial Intelligence offered by Intellipaat, to understand the Artificial Intelligence Course Syllabus for PG Certifications.

Enroll in this PG Certification in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning offered by Intellipaat, in collaboration with MNIT, Jaipur.

Watch this video by Intellipaat to learn more about building a career in AI Artificial Intelligence Engineer Career Path

Master’s Certification in Artificial Intelligence Course Syllabus

To understand the syllabus for Master’s Certifications in Artificial Intelligence, let’s go through the curriculum of Intellipaat’s Masters in Artificial Intelligence Course.

Enroll in this Masters in Artificial Intelligence Course offered by Intellipaat, in collaboration with, one of the world’s leading tech-giants, IBM.

Master’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence Course Syllabus

After completing your undergraduate, you are eligible to pursue a 2-year-long Master’s program in Artificial Intelligence. We analyzed the A.I Course Syllabus for Master’s Programs in various reputed universities and colleges around the world and concluded that the students usually have to study the following core and elective subjects.

Book recommendations for Artificial Intelligence Course Syllabus

Bachelor’s Degree

Given below is a list of books that may be useful to the students pursuing a Bachelor’s Degree in Artificial Intelligence.

Book Author(s)
Data Structures Ellis Horowitz, Sartaj Shani
Discrete Mathematics and its Applications Kenneth H. Rosen
Python the Complete Reference Martin C. Brown
Artificial Intelligence: A Systems Approach S. Russell, P. Norvig
A Hundred page Machine Learning Book Andriya Burkov
Neural Networks and Fuzzy Systems Kosko
Machine Learning: The art and Science of Algorithms that make sense of Data Peter Flach 
Artificial Intelligence: A modern Approach Stuart J. Russell and Peter Norwig

Master’s Degree

The following books will be useful if you’re pursuing a Master’s Degree in  Artificial Intelligence.

Book Author(s)
Deep Learning Ian Goodfellow, Yoshua Bengio, Aaron Courville, Francis Bach
Python Machine Learning Sebastian Raschka and Vahid Mirjalili
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning Christopher Bishop
The Elements of Statistical Learning Trevor Hastie, Robert Tibshirani, Jerome Friedman
Speech and Language Processing Daniel Jurafsky and James H. Martin

Now that we’ve discussed various Artificial Intelligence Courses at different levels, as well as the syllabi that they cover, hopefully, you’re more familiar with the field of Artificial Intelligence and might be interested to pursue it.

If you have any questions or concerns, post them in our A.I Community!

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