To remain competitive, companies have to continually drive down costs while maintaining value in the products and services they offer. One area where companies look to reduce costs is in Business Process Management (BPM).

When it comes to IT expenditures, some companies may invest a small fortune in BPM, while others may simply rely on basic tools, such as spreadsheets and Post-it® notes. Regardless of the amount spent, if the tools are hard to use or the process is cumbersome then your business has become shackled and is wasting time and energy.

Are your company’s internal business processes helping or hurting efficiency? Take this simple assessment:

  • Do your employees have relevant and useful tools to complete their work or do they waste time navigating complicated or out-of-date systems?
  • Do their tools or user interfaces (UIs) involve countless forms or spreadsheets or are they streamlined and concise?
  • Do the business processes or workflow they must follow slow them down or accelerate their work?

AVIO has developed best practices in UI and business process design that help organizations reduce their cost of doing business and increase worker satisfaction. These practices and designs, when implemented, empower employees and help drive organizational change, which can ultimately affect the company’s bottom line.

Here are three ways the AVIO’s best practices can unshackle your business from cumbersome systems and bring about positive change in your organization.

  1. AVIO uses best practices and the latest in UI techniques and design strategies, such as material design, single-page applications, animation, suggestive item searches, and auto-fill mechanisms. These techniques and strategies, which are now common in applications such as Facebook and Twitter, can make your company’s UI intuitive, easy to use, and relevant to your business.
  2. AVIO can custom fit the system workspace so the UI conforms to how your employees work—rather than making them conform to the system. One size does not fit all; and one UI doesn’t either, as many companies have found out after installing off-the-shelf applications.
  3. AVIO can implement business process that accelerate workflows, rather than just controlling or keeping track of them. AVIO does this through advanced process designs that account for the very nature in which work is performed within your organization, because actual business process do not follow a straight line from beginning to end, as most process models depict.

With these best practices, everyone in your organization will see the value in the tools they use rather than endure them. The UIs will be streamlined, relevant and useful. The workspace will draw users into their tasks and help them stay focused. And the business processes will mirror the way people actually do work—dynamic work-teams, changing assignments and variable deadlines. 

If you would like to find out more about how AVIO can enhance your business processes, click the link below.

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