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Three reasons to choose ACM (Adaptive Case Management) to improve your business

Blog: Groudlion

In today’s organisation, speed is everything. Conditions are constantly changing and you want to drive business forward. As you move forward, you need constant and immediate assessment to know what is going on. Having the right data at the right time will be crucial. So how will you keep track of all the different elements?

Adaptive Case Management (ACM) could offer a solution for most of these problems. The system keeps you up to date with real-time analysis and in-depth reports even if your organisation is dealing with the most challenging and diverse processes. It does not stop there, Adaptive Case Management does so much more. Here are the three key reasons why we chose the ACM path.

1. Truly share the knowledge, give co-workers insights and bring structure where needed

With the increasing need for collaboration, it becomes more and more important to exchange knowledge and experience between managers and co-workers. ACM analyses and streamlines the information flow in a flexible manner and structures it, if and when required. This new structure will enable knowledge workers to collaborate more efficiently. It will also clearly outline the tasks and responsibilities of every co-worker. This increases productivity, saves time and prevents mistakes. In short, it will enlighten co-workers on how they can further improve.

Product Lifecycle Management – a perfect example to illustrate the need of collaboration. This process involves so many levels of people, data, processes and business systems that information usually ends up scattered across different stakeholders. Hardly productive. Structuring these processes is key to make sure that every stakeholder can access the information he/she needs. Adaptive Case Management will do just that.

2. Focus on the results, master unpredictable flows

Make sure nobody in your company is reinventing the wheel. ACM will see to that by primarily focusing on results instead of merely focusing on the process. How? Every process follows its own path throughout the organisational flow. More often than not, this is a unique path. Our solution does not demand predefined flows but can handle loosely coupled activities and tasks. But how can you monitor and control in such an environment? Don’t worry, we tackle free-range projects. If you own the flow, you master the monitoring. If you monitor results and act upon them, your business improves.

Processes like grant applications, handling complaints or following up on requests vary from moment to moment, and the process flow greatly depends on the people you’re dealing with. Every person is different, and so is every case. You’ll need a flow that adjusts to the status of the case at that particular stage of the communication.

3. Keep a 360° business overview in an environment that may be hard to manage

Granted, some of these processes can be hard to monitor, and unpredictable flows create an environment that can be challenging to manage. With Adaptive Case Management, thanks to the real-time monitoring and feedback, the solution ensures continuous improvement. Meanwhile you keep enhancing your business insight thanks to a 360-degree overview. That way you stay in control even when the processes at hand might be challenging to keep track of. Our solution even provides a complete overview that is available on all devices at all times. Making it easy to find out what you need to know, right now.

If you combine the sharing of knowledge between co-workers with the mastering of unpredictable flows, you will be able to avoid issues in the future even if processes are never the same. With ACM, your business can be as agile as you would like your processes to be. After all, a path, flow or process are rarely set in stone.

Keep improving.

Getting a project done with Adaptive Case Management only takes about half the time it used to. Since one of the key foundations of ACM is that it adapts itself to new situations all the time, the work process continuously improves. Even though a solution like ours is tailored to the specific needs of your organisation right from the start, the adaptive process does not stop after implementing the system.

How are you currently improving your business flow? Get in touch, I’d like to know.

Joachim Vanden Brande CEO of Ground lion

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