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Business Processing made e
Plan” 3 , ‘ .
% G. Surya Narayana Reddy
J Vehicle Group

; FINAL Strategic Business Plan

BMHW Business Model is a design for the successful
Mode; operation of a business, identifying revenue sources,
customer base, products and details of financing.

Business Strategy is a document that clearly
articulates the direction a business will pursue and
the steps it will take to achieve its goals.

Bus H083

()w’.1I“: n*;
‘ ( Stiategzy

Operations are the activities involved in the day to
day functions of the business conducted for the
purpose of generating profits.

People Process Technology

; FINAL What is Process ?

“Ii “xii ” 1 _“ , -. —
‘4 ii If ‘ H‘

K _/
} ‘V,

Packing Labelling Shipping Wastage due to Inefficient Process

Amount wasted every year
by Fortune 500 companies
through inefficient processes
-Tech CEO Council Report

Amount wasted every year
by the US Public Sector
through inefficient processes
– McKinsey Government Reform Report

$1.3 trillion

Number of Global 2000 Companies which will be
Toppled within 3 years
‘by overlooked but easily detectable Process defects.

– Gartner, an American Information Technology Research

; FINAL What is BPM ?

BPM is a management discipline that provides a company governance
within the business environment.

It is a structured approach to manage and continously optimise
organisational activities and business process using methods, policies,
matrices and of course software tools.


— Improves the effectiveness and efficiency of a company’s business.
—— Improves the opertional agility and opertional performance.

é, FINAL ‘ ILL _

BPM Architecture


: I:m= aiIi
: (:nII‘n-. m-n , . S
| I:IpIIn| ‘lIII= III ‘I’-| ‘”‘| “-| “'”
‘| “-IoI. III’»~ -nu 3
r;4aI, ‘mIoIIn); g° Iu| -It-W:4nl-ul
| I.A’l: -IIo),0IIIl’-III , ‘
ilzfvlllif-IIIOI “H ‘a. V‘- “‘“”‘i‘l’
“-Iuiui-kin]-in “-xuviu-_l*. .III7-I “f”_’_”‘[“‘_”}f” Design

I Optimization Modeling

BPM Life—cycle

Monitoring Execution

%‘ FILVVAVL Design

—- Process Design encompasses both the identification of existing
processes i. e “as-is” and the design of “to-be” processes.

—- Areas of focus include representation of the process flow, the factors
within it, alerts & notifications, escalations, Standard Operating
Procedures, Service Level Agreements, and task hand-over mechanisms.

—— Holds a great importance because Good design reduces the
number of problems over the lifetime of the process.

– Modeling

–This takes the theoretical design and introduces combinations
of variables.

— It also involves running “what-if analysis” on the processes

“What if I have 75% of resources to do the same task? ”
“What if I want to do the same job for 80% of the current cost? ”

; FINAVL ‘ Execution

— One of the ways to automate processes is to develop or purchase
an application that executes the required steps of the process.

–Another approach is to use a combination of software and human
intervention Monitoring

—— Monitoring encompasses the tracking of individual processes
so that information on their state can be easily seen and
statistics on the performance of one or more processes can be


I ‘I . . . g
‘yaw sun 60:

Sales Approval Process

5; Peroenlbiscou 3’ _, – A *
. —, :7 ‘ v,

Tie) ‘? — ‘ 1 K”; “V I
.9 3 i _ _ ‘ I — 3 5
*0 a» ‘V ‘ r‘ r

I ‘E 0? o -. c
‘j, ‘ ‘*3 Sales Manager Appro» 1| Approval Email
Emails Approved
Percent Dlscount This Month
* -. :;- -o ‘I. ,1. -.9 -0
Begin Get Approval Levels Sales VP Approval Confirmation End
-t2. ‘‘2~Z‘ E T‘ |
CEO Approval Disapproval Email
Total Sales
This Month

é FINAVL A Optimisation

—— Process optimization includes retrieving process performance
information from modeling or monitoring phase.

—- Identifying the potential or actual bottlenecks and the potential
opportunities for cost savings and other improvements.

——Applying those enhancements in the design of the process.

– Pizza Ordering Process Map

g A I R . d .
; eceive an . ,

3 Start 7 )-> Placeorder checkorder OK? ‘V/ —ves—>. End
{ 0 —



3 Enter Order Gather all Give food to

u and Collects ,

gg Mona Items customer I

. _ V




5 .

3 Process the L_’DIsp| avOrder

g Order in kitchen





3 Prepare L Package r

5 Order Order

. C


‘>2 Advantages of Process Maps

—— Pictures are worth more than 1000 words. If you use charts, graphs and
other images, they will serve you much better than a 50 page report in
every single instance.

—— Identifying issues and changing processes is much easier.

——Visualizing processes makes the problem clearer from the start.

—— People tend to understand the ‘Show Me’ aspect of data analysis better
than the ‘Tell Me’ aspect.

—— Compliance requirements and standards will be met.

–Above all, training can be more effective through visualization.

; FINAL No structured BPM
activities in the area of
responsibility of the


Awareness of BPM
exists in the organization

lPlanningI activities have
started for the definition
of the subject.

BPM is defined.

Implementation is yet
missing or ongoing.

BPM is implemented

A continuous review &
improvement process is
implemented to exchange
lessons-learned &
address required changes
‘ proactively

BPM is implemented.
[People assigned
Communication to
relevant people done
Training done etc I BPM Systems

Traditional Application Development

Project Initiation

Build and Integrate


BPM enabled Application Development

unoenuniy Understand/ /§g‘; $y. I‘°, , l. lndcntan9/

, / , . ‘
I4 ékgevtw Deivloii L ‘ <r:5‘P’°Y

lnlnate W H I I ”
Moni1oi‘ _, Il. onito§ fi“u MonlwA, v|‘g‘$4{. zry&nm

ii . >,5 .

Analyzit ‘Znuyzo Snaiy-an 7 BPM Systems ‘I’

I” , fl
” . A , 1 ‘
, .
/ 5. ‘ ffoevoloper C T” _
Business Business
Owner Business Opgvgtéom Owner
5 , IE ,
Egg; Business
6 ‘U 9
A 1 _r IT Process 1,’ K ‘
I ooyolopor Administrator L ’
– <3
aosi Business Bo ‘
and E53 °°°’°“°”s, ,, 5 wmecc e. .3″&‘Zi. ?

‘ ‘ Business AVideo about BPM

; FINAL BPM Implementation
1. Choose a suitable BPM method.

2. Have executive workshops to train top—level people for BPM.

3. Create a clear statement of goals and a strategy for achieving them.

4. Measure process performance and schedule them for review.

5. Make a communication plan.

6. Create a system for identifying and prioritizing projects. : K

7. Have a system for monitoring the progress of BPM projects and for auditing.

8. Plan for rewards, incentives and recognition.

; FINAL BPM Advantages



1. Automatically prioritizes
and Routes work.

2. Guides users through

3. Standardizes resolutions
across geographies.

4. Leverages existing systems
and data.

5. Monitors for business
events and initiates action.

6. Real—time visibility and
process control. BPM Advantages

TEE cus*°‘“‘“s A Latest Methods with
T highest ROI
“guess second Generatwn Customer Centric business
cost EFFF-° Methods goals

1′. -adifi°na| Methods six sigma Outcome Based thinking
mM- L“” . °.”. :.: ::: r.: ::. ;’. °.’: :.: ..°°
Total Quality Management gfisnfness Process Management

BF” – . . .
Business Process Improvement V°’C9 °fC”5t°”‘°’ ‘” “QM
BPR _ context

Business Process Re-engineering

Net Promoter Score in right


BPM has shown how the best practices, combined with technology, can
yield real benefits including the savings of over 660 megawatts of

–Austin Energy

BPM Improved process efficiency and leverage existing investment in
legacy applications.
–Ball State University

BPM helps us reduce the time to process and approve loans from nearly
one week to less than a day. This has been critical in our ability to
maintain a competitive edge.

–Bank of the west

BPM has shown us a new level of agility in the creation and management
of promotional service offerings.

–GLOBE Telecom

BPM helps us Identify errors in the IBM product and price catalog before
they occur and impact customer satisfaction and revenue.

; FINAL “3”-I“ AVideo on the Future of BPM If

! L1:: .

. , _3l1!l= lI’K74lI(‘— .
: m:(= s$-
up Jifiiflily

I 9 Ail M

I .

Scope of BPM in the future Lincoln Trust – IBM BPM Client Success Video Conclusion

PROCESS is the key factor behind any organisation’s

success. ,— I;
Ij — I1. T 5:, ‘



Efficient and Effective process management can save
Thousands of Hours and Millions of Dollars. ; FINAL :4
L‘1 K. x”

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