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7 Methods to Improve BPM You Can Start Using Today

Improving business processes in your organization may seem like a difficult task. But in fact, it’s not as difficult as you may think. Today, there are many methods used in various combinations and concepts.


In this article, our experts from WritingCheap will tell you about simple, working methods you can start using right away.

Superfluous processes are the ones that don’t give additional value to the product and fail to provide a purpose to other processes. Also, all duplicated and bureaucratic processes don’t have value. But how can those processes be discovered easily and accurately? Here is a small questionnaire to follow:

If you answered “yes” to the first and any of the other questions from the list, the process may be considered as duplicated and can be eliminated. If the first answer is “yes” and others “no,” the process is redundant. If you have received “no” to all questions on the list, it is an entirely useless process.

Why do redundant processes occur? Sometimes, participants who create a product or service don’t know about the actions of others. As a result, a duplicated or unnecessary action becomes a source of errors and additional spending.

Gaps are situations where the process cannot be continued because of a lack of information, resources, or instruments to end the process. In fact, it’s anything that may interrupt or pause the process.


To eliminate the gap, try to reduce all distractions and equip the process with all important things. You can find out whether the workplace should have more necessary instruments, or if there is a need to improve communication between teams involved in the process. Also, you can find out whether you need to eliminate any pauses between operations.

This method is a logical continuation of the previous methods. You need to reorganize the sequence of actions to avoid gaps and duplicated processes.

Frequently, incorrectly organized actions lead to excess movement in products, resources, and documentation.

For example, one document can be approved by one person several times. It is a simple example that will reduce the time on completing the process. But in fact, the process may involve financially costly logistic operations or actions. The change in the sequence of activities will help you decrease not only time, but also costs. Improving even small actions may significantly influence the overall result.

Automatization of processes is usually connected to high costs. Unfortunately, companies frequently use software and instruments that lead to unsustainable spending. Companies ignore available free services and the possibility to create in-house software which may help reduce the costs.

The most common example is underestimating the possibilities of Google services. A properly organized Google calendar may become a real help not only for individuals, but also for remote and in-office teams.

Contrary to the view of some managers, multitasking is a great thing. To make it work properly, you should keep in mind the following points:

  1. Parallel activities should be performed by two different people.

If you can divide actions between several team members, you will save time, costs, and other values. Some managers think those parallel activities are impossible, but you shouldn’t avoid simple decisions.

  1. If one person conducts parallel activities, it should be done gradually.

This option is also possible, but you need to keep up with the following recommendations:

Let’s take an example from daily life. You can load the laundry, turn on the washing machine, make dinner, put some tea in a teapot, put on the kettle, and more. You need to be sure that the employee will be capable of conducting all the actions in the correct sequence and time.

If the product is complex or the process involves too many actions, think about dividing the process into several processes. For example, if we are talking about manufacturing, the dividing process will involve the production of billets or semi-manufactured goods.

Also, analyze which processes are too simple and which don’t require much attention. Think about the more important processes and the possibility to unite it with a simple one.

This method is the most effective in the initial phase of process improvement. Also, these suggestions may be helpful to clarify the details of the project.

Managers play an important role in BPM projects, but you need to give preference to the suggestions of experts who are directly related to the process. They know the pains and core problems of the process, and they frequently have great ideas that may improve the existing processes. By listening to their ideas, you keep the staff involvement and ease the process of implementation of future changes.

Wrapping Up

We recommend choosing methods for improving BPM in accordance with the company’s aims. Some methods will help you quickly address particular problems, while others may require a deeper and more comprehensive analysis of the situation.


The list that we have mentioned above is not exhaustive, but implementing one or several methods can significantly improve business processes in your company. All methods are based on common sense and should be easy to perform in real life.


In conclusion, to make the changes possible, don’t forget to make sure that you have the support inside the company. People don’t like changes, and employees may only pretend that they have accepted new concepts. The right plan of action and step-by-step instructions are keys to the successful improvement of business processes.

Author: Matthew Finnighan

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