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2023 Top 5 Technical Trends

Blog: Jim Sinur

Organizations will focus on assured success in 2023. Organizations will focus less on “moon shots” and more on accurately hitting targets on earth. While the allure of new digital solutions and the temptation of true transformation will still seem to call, organizations will stick with the attainable. It does not mean that organizations will not innovate; the innovation will be undertaken with wisdom while staying congruent with the Top 5 Business Trends in 2023. (Click here for more information). Part of that wisdom will also be keeping an eye for emergent business opportunities and technologies that could be of advantage or threats that derail focused efforts that are highly synched to the stakeholders and executive directions. Organizations will double down on successful technologies that enhance the bottom line while keeping a watchful eye for technical innovation that makes sense within risk tolerances.

Real-Time Observability

All aspects of business are speeding up and have to deal with emerging conditions, patterns, opportunities, and threats. It will put a premium on real-time observation, decisions, and actions. Some of these real-time decisions and activities will be made on the edge more autonomously within management and governance guard rails, sometimes called constraints. Managers will make more integrative decisions requiring more detailed data, often sifted and enhanced by AI, and need a lateral view that looks for the implications in multiple contexts. It will drive two significant activities over and above the resurgent analytic sectors. One is integrated emerging visibility that looks across and outside the organization. Often there will be integrated monitoring or a management cockpit that will visualize results, notify managers of significant detections, and allow them to try different alternatives leveraging prediction, simulation, and various analytical modeling to take appropriate and quick action. The simple decisions will get automated, and autopilot actions will be suggested or enacted even at the edge. The other is establishing, growing, and managing a data mesh. All of this depends entirely on having an intelligent data mesh that knows where the data is and the quality of said data regardless of data type (operational databases, behavioral data, voice, or video), no matter where it resides. This huge vacuum is being filled as we speak with emergent and new data management software that catalog and reach into various sources (cloud or not), notifying the manager of the data quality scores.

Intelligent Automation

All the focus on hyper-automation is starting to pay off. Organizations are getting substantial benefits from newer automation approaches. Consequently, there will be additional bets on combinations of technologies that deliver the best returns. These returns will contribute to the bottom line for current earnings and help fund any new tech efforts that management deems essential to compete. The silo technologies coming together to deliver great automation include process/workflow, RPA, Process/Data mining, Business Lead, Low Code, Monitoring, Simulation, Mapping, and Analytics. There are a variety of combinations that have compelling case studies, and many organizations have had significant successes. A portfolio of initiatives that deliver savings and opportunities to support business directives is a must for 2023. A platform of integrated technologies is a big help in providing the benefits of technical combinations. Click here to see example combinations and vendors that have proven successful as a Digital Business Platform (DBP)

AI Expanding and Adapting Its Role

Ai has proven its value in learning from data, which will continue to gather steam focused on and around desired business outcomes. When combined with analytic and statistical models, AI can move into more thinking situations on top of the already important detection and pattern recognition duties AI is known for today. The data sources for detection mining will expand beyond traditional data to include images, videos, voice, and communications. The kind of thinking situations AI can move into in the short term would consist of knowledge acquisition/leverage, modeling, projections, and autonomous actions in emergent situations. Conversational and explainable AI will make substantial headway in 2023, building on existing success. A new movement in AI will revolve around intelligent chatbots, smart automation bots, new forms of deep learning and pattern recognition, plus intelligent applications. AI will also assist the creatives in 2023 and beyond with writing, art and music. It will start as a collaborative approach and get more independent over time. As AI ethics mature, interactions with our employees and customer will become routine for AI.

Platform Consolidation

Organizations will be looking to consolidate costs and integrate isolated technology streams. It will drive a trend for integrated platforms that tend to be technology supermarkets that promotes more one-stop shopping for the technology leaders as business ramps up the demand for speed to results. Companies will look at their current platforms and look to consolidate their numbers if possible and drive additional uses of the strategic platforms. This trend will hit compute infrastructure, networks plus storage, and databases. The current surround and leverage multiple platforms trend will continue, but there will be increased pressure to eliminate some. It also means that automation and digital business platforms (DBP) will experience the same pressure. It will put a premium on general-purpose DBPS linked to pure specialty platforms.

More Secure Digital Commerce

We see increased activity from bad actors in security incursions and ransomware. It is getting more serious, and the threat of cybersecurity wars is looming. Organizations will take extra precautions to prepare for ransomware and security incursions. As cybercrime escalates, the dangers and costs increase dramatically. It may not be apparent, but adversaries are stockpiling your vulnerabilities. Once made public, there can be a feeding frenzy. A growing number of threats from various sources and attacks should concern businesses. There is now a sophisticated and growing ecosystem of harmful sources. As the world heads for stable digital commerce, there will be increased efforts to engage government and financial industry leaders to create secure models that guarantee free trade. All efforts will be aimed at rigorous testing of all safeguards.

Net; Net:

Increased productivity from intelligent automation and human assistance will enable organizations to expand their experiences for constituents while saving money. Get ready for higher levels of technical and human collaborations. Consolidation and automation savings will be allocated to investing in the platform’s safety and leverage. Still, managers will keep their eyes open for technologies not to miss out on in 2023. It will require a more disciplined approach to staying linked to goals in a near real-time fashion while dealing with various and dynamic people and automation resources.

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