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Who Is a Business Intelligence Analyst? – Complete Career Guide

Many industries have come to the realization that data is the new fuel that can power the growth of the company. Business Intelligence Analysts are fully equipped to drive the organization’s effectiveness by searching out insights hidden in these data.

They help a company put the data it collects to use in order to increase the company’s efficiency and maximize profits. Using data analytics, data visualization, and data modeling techniques and technologies, BI analysts identify trends that can help the company make business decisions to improve processes in the organization.

You can watch the business intelligence analyst description here, what is Business Intelligence?


Who is a Business Intelligence Analyst?

Let’s start by defining ‘ Who is a Business intelligence analyst?’ Business Intelligence Analysts are the people who help an organization use the already collected data for the company’s efficiency. Business System Analysts are an important part of making data useful for the company.

Business intelligence analysts possess the skills of both business and information technology domains. They have a firm grasp of each. The BIA evaluates their organization’s data along with competitor and industry data, in order to discover different ways to improve the organization’s business position.

They also examine an organization’s systems, procedures, and functions, and find areas in which the company can increase profit margins and effectiveness efficiently. Business intelligence analysts are also part of the discussion on ways in which a company can develop new policies regarding data collection and data analysis. They are experts in data mining, analyzing data and suggesting growth strategies for an organization.

When a business intelligence analyst makes recommendations for technological advancements in an organization, they are often needed to lead seminars for employees to examine these new systems. Now, let’s look into why you should choose Business Intelligence as a Career.

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Now, let’s get a deep insight into the roles and responsibilities of a Business Intelligence Analyst.


Roles of Business Intelligence Analyst

You must be wondering, ”what does a business intelligence analyst do?”. So to answer that, let’s look into business intelligence analyst job responsibilities as mentioned below:

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Become a Business Intelligence Architect

Skills required to become a Business Intelligence Analyst

There are a number of skills that are required to successfully become a Business Intelligence Analyst

Expert Knowledge of Data Analytics

It is important that you have in-depth knowledge of Data Analytics as most of the tasks to be performed would involve dealing with the data. The four main skills are Data warehouse, Data modeling, Data visualization, and Data mining.

Technical Knowledge

Along with the above-mentioned skills you must have technical expertise such as:

Business Intelligence tools

To become a Business intelligence Analyst you are required to have:

You have read enough about the roles, responsibilities, and skills of a Business Intelligence Analyst. Let’s now answer the most important question that you want to know, “How to become a Business Intelligence Analyst?”. So, let us tell you how Intellipaat can help you achieve your goal through its resources.

Career Transition


Business Intelligence Analyst Resume:

Having a good resume is important for any job interview but you cannot have the same resume for every job role. So now let’s see what makes a good resume for a BI analyst.

Since a Business Intelligence Analyst’s responsibilities include analyzing and mining the data, evaluating the past and present trends, the resume should be built around these skills. A successful resume is one that highlights technical skills, analytical thinking and it should endorse communication skills as well.

It is also important to mention your previous work experience, your current role, project, and certifications as well. You can find many sample resumes on the internet but here are some of the tips that can make your resume look professional and better.

  1. Keep the content simple and short.
  2. Select the professional resume template.
  3. Have a detailed section of the skillset on your resume.
  4. Mention the projects, accomplishments, and Certifications if any.
  5. Work experience and publications.
  6. Check for grammar and spelling.
  7. Update your resume once in a while.

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary

As per the PayScale, the average pay of a BI Analyst in India is ₹592,422. However, this pay can be affected by various factors including Experience, location, and the company you are working for. Now let us take a look at these factors one by one.

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary by experience:

Here is the table that will show the salary range based on the experience you have,

Experience Salary range
Entry-level ₹388,203
Early career (1-4 years of experience) ₹544,972
Mid-Career (5-9 years of experience) ₹824,227
Experienced (10+ years of experience) ₹1,328,895

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary by Location:

Now let’s take a look at the pay range based on location

Business Intelligence (BI) Analysts in Chennai earn an average of 18.1% more than the national average. BI Analysts also find higher than average salaries in New Delhi (13.5% more), and Bangalore (6.0% more). The lowest salaries can be found in Mumbai (9.0% less), Pune (1.5% less), and Hyderabad (0.5% less)

Business Intelligence Analyst Salary by Company:

As said earlier, the pay for a BI Analyst will be changed from company to company. In India, a BI Analyst in

  1. Tata Consultancy Services has an average pay of ₹4,50,000.
  2. Amazon has an average pay of ₹1,300,000.
  3. Genpact has an average pay of ₹4,27,993.
  4. EClinicalworks has average pay of ₹4,50,000.

Business Intelligence Training

There are many resources available at Intellipaat to help you prepare for the Business Analyst Role and you can make use of them. Subscribe to our YouTube channel where you can find videos and tutorials on BI. Watch our free YouTube tutorial for beginners.

You can visit our website to search and enroll for the courses which will help you get trained for the role. Check out our affordable Master Program on Business Intelligence. On signing up for our courses you will be thorough with the business intelligence analyst career path and all the business intelligence analyst interview questions that can be asked.


Why should you choose Business Intelligence as a career?

There have been many reasons justifying the decision of choosing Business Intelligence as a career. Below mentioned are the most important reasons for choosing this domain as your career:

Business Intelligence professionals are required for decision making in all the levels of the organization. BI professionals are experts in identifying patterns and revealing trends, opportunities available, problems and their solutions etc. Also, there are multiple opportunities to work on various projects. Some of the different BI job roles include Business Intelligence Analyst, Business Intelligence Developer, BI Project Manager and BI Engineer.

The skill set used for Business Intelligence is not based on a high level of technical knowledge. To start a career in Business Intelligence, the skills learnt throughout your high school and college years are adequate. No prior background in IT is required. Some of the skills that are required for starting a career in BI are communication skills, analytical thinking, problem solving, team building skills etc.

Not many know that a career in business intelligence is one of the most secure ones. Organizations are expanding, using data and hence are becoming more complex. Business intelligence professionals are required at every level and in all types of organizations globally. Business intelligence finds relevance in every industry. These factors drive the growth of this domain as a career and have boosted job security too.

Business intelligence professionals on an average earn $70,000- $90,000. With experience, this figure keeps on rising. Also, as discussed earlier, one can explore multiple career options in the domain, which also increases the hike percentage in the remuneration.


Start Your Career as a Business Intelligence Analyst

In this ‘ Who Is a Business Intelligence Analyst? – Complete Career Guide

’ blog, you have read in detail about who Business Intelligence Analysts are, their responsibilities. To pursue a career in this domain, you must sign up for Intellipaat’s online course for Business Intelligence today. This course will help you start from scratch and become an expert in the domain within a few months.

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