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What is a Bot?

Let’s look at the topics we’ll be discussing in this blog:

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Bot – Meaning and Definition

Bot is short for ‘robot’. A bot is an automated software program that helps in performing repetitive and predefined tasks over the internet. Bots are able to perform these tasks at a much higher rate than human beings.

Bots can benefit your organization but they are also capable of harming you. Once a bot enters your system, it is quite difficult to get rid of them. However, it is more of a trouble to spot the bot itself. For, the bots have the capability to hide in the shadows of the affected computer.

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Computer Bots and Internet Bots

Computer Bots and Internet Bots are tools that can be used digitally for good purposes as well as bad.

Bots are useful in gathering information for the benefit of businesses. The integrated AI in today’s business such as automatic interaction with instant messaging, instant relay chat, or assorted other web interfaces is the result of bot usage. The futuristic idea of dynamic websites was made possible because of bots.

Bots are also used for malicious purposes such as gathering passwords, logging keystrokes, obtaining financial information, relaying spam, capturing and analyzing packets, launching DoS attacks, opening back doors on the infected computer, and exploitation of back doors opened by worms and viruses.

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Types of Bots

There are several types of internet bots and the following are a few examples:

As an extension to the understanding of what a bot is, the types of bots would have helped you understand the intricate and helpful nature of bots. It is now time to understand the various advantages and disadvantages of bots.

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Advantages of Bots

Disadvantages of Bots

What is a Botnet?

Botnet is short for ‘robot network’. It is a network of computers that have been affected by a single bot or an attacking party, called the ‘bot-herder’. The bot-herder controls all the individual bots in the network. The bot-herder can command all computers on the botnet to carry out actions simultaneously. Botnets can comprise over millions of bots and enable the attacker to carry out criminal activities on a large scale.

Common Bot Attacks

To begin with, bot attacks are initiated by hackers. Initially, the hacker sends malware to your device. The malware creates “zombie devices”. Such malware is usually generated through techniques such as web downloads, exploit kits, popup ads, and email attachments.

In the next step, the “zombie device”, aka, the affected device is connected to the Command & Control (C&C) server. This is more specifically applicable for centralized botnet type of bot attack. On the other hand, zombie devices are connected with other infected devices in the P2P botnet type of bot attack.

Based on the established connection, the bot proceeds with the establishment of malicious activities.

Generally, there are two types of attacks. Namely, the centralized and P2P model. Using the mentioned type of bots, various types of attacks are generated. This includes phishing, DDoS attack, snooping, bricking, and spambots.

Through the following segment, you will understand the various ways to identify a bot attack.

Career Transition

Bot Detection

There are a few ways you can tell if your computer has become a part of a botnet:

Protecting your Computer from Bots

By preventing bot attacks, you are preventing a huge financial spend. You can protect your network/ server from bot attacks in the following ways:


Bot attacks are always evolving. Cyber security does provide safety to your network and device. By utilizing the cyber security systems properly, you can keep away bot attacks to a great extent. By keeping away bot attacks, ensure to make use of the good side of bots as well!

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