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UI/UX Design Tutorials for Beginners

So, before we delve deeper into the world of UI/UX, let us first define the word “UI and UX Design”.

UI/UX Design Overview

After getting a gist of the topic, now it’s time for us to get to know everything about UI UX.

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Go through this YouTube video to know about UI UX

What is UI Design?

What is UX Design?

“UX,” or “User Experience,” refers to a person’s interaction with a product or service.

Consider taking a trip or shopping on the internet. The best solution would be an easy-to-use website or app that allows you to quickly find what you’re looking for. You immediately complete your transaction and leave the store. That is exactly what we mean by a good user experience!

Why UI UX Design

Why UI UX Design

There is numerous opportunities for UI UX designers to diversify, branch out, and create mergers. Every day, new design boundaries are revealed, working across many media types, devices, and locations. The area of design is wide and diverse enough that you’ll never be bored, whether you’re a generalist or an uber-specialist.

Because of the nature of their work, UI and UX designers can be relatively self-directed while also feeling like they are part of a team. UI design is a highly collaborative process that places you at the core of the development process with UX Designers, Content Writers, Graphic Designers, Illustrators, Project Managers, and others.

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Moreover, you can have other benefits like –

Difference between UI and UX

UX Design UI Design  
Customer analysis Typography
Product Strategy Colour Theory
Information Architecture Design Pattern
Testing and iteration  Interactivity and animation
User Research  Design Research
Difference between UI and UX

UI UX Examples

Some of the most common applications which we come across in our day-to-day life, having a good UI UX Design are listed below for you:

Uber is a prime example of a product with a nearly evenly split UX design.

In reality, Uber must cater to both drivers and customers. As a result of this situation, it is necessary to distinguish two types of users that are fundamentally different and have different aims.

Telegram is probably less well-known than its main competitor, Whatsapp. Its UX design, on the other hand, gives a deliberate, detail-oriented experience, which is a hallmark of a superb UX design example.

The first is the imaginative use of a tab structure to help users manage the files available. Second, group chat administrators have the excellent option of “pinning” messages so that everyone may immediately access them.

Instagram’s popularity has skyrocketed. Because of the design, users can easily navigate the never-ending stream of visual content for extended periods of time without feeling overwhelmed. Even if the majority of users are unable to identify it, Instagram’s aesthetic harmony and order are actually amazing.

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Conformity in behavior and appearance, as demonstrated by Spotify, is one of the causes that might lead to conflict. Some people say that the general user experience should be improved and that it is overestimated. Others claim that the app’s sophisticated design encourages users to discover new music. Whatever your feelings are about the overall experience, Spotify features some excellent UX design.

UI UX Projects

UI UX Projects

We’re all looking for the ideal portfolio. As an aspiring designer, having good projects on hand is advantageous. It reveals your identity and provides a platform for you to showcase your skills and abilities. Here are some of the projects we suggest:

Because chatbots are becoming increasingly popular, you should have at least one in your portfolio. This project gives you the opportunity to demonstrate your abilities in conversational design, information architecture, and visual design. You might also show off your skill to create an engaging user experience that users will want to return to.

Keep in mind that a menu can also attract customers to your business. Show how your design changes will improve the user experience and the firm’s bottom line.

Preparing for UI UX job interviews? UI UX Interview Questions will help you ace it.

UI UX Design User Flow, Wireframes, Wireflows

User Flow

When dealing with a product, a customer might take several different paths. A user flow is a visual representation of the various paths that can be taken when using an app or website, which can be written out or created digitally. The flowchart begins with the consumer’s first engagement with the product, such as an onboarding screen or homepage, and ends with the final action or conclusion, such as purchasing a product or creating an account.

They can effectively express the layout and design of every individual section, but they cannot communicate the page-to-page movement of highly dynamic interfaces. As a result, companies deploy wire flows.


They are a combination of wireframes and flowcharts. They use the arrangement of separate screens as diagram pieces. Wireflows give page context to UX flows since what users view on each screen has a significant impact on their experience with the app or website. Wireflows are particularly useful when developing mobile screens. The comparatively small size of mobile devices makes it simple to replace flow charts’ more abstract designs.

Principles of UI UX

Principles of UI UX

“It all comes down to consistency, While multiple areas, fonts, and styles may cause confusion, consistency promotes familiarity.” Adhering to related design patterns, using the same vocabulary in prompts, menus, and displays, and providing consistent instructions throughout the interface all indicate consistent UI.

Expert users, or those who frequently visit your website or use your product, require shortcuts to easily navigate the UI.

Utilize shortcuts to speed up surfing and manipulate user interfaces. For example, most Windows users use CTRL + C to quickly copy text and CTRL + V to paste it.

When users are asked to generate a password, for example, your UI should provide information on how strong the password should be by either presenting an example of a good password or using symbols to demonstrate how strong the user’s existing password is.

DropBox’s signup form is an excellent example. The strength of a user’s password is displayed as a sleek bar. That one bar revealed how weak my password was when I entered only my name in the password field.

UI/UX Tools

Investing in UI/UX tools may help you in creating your designs and putting what you’ve learned into practice.

Despite the fact that there are many fantastic tools accessible, we recommend experimenting with a few industry titans, such as Figma and Sketch, to discover which you prefer.

Here’s a breakdown of what each piece of software is capable of:

Tips For Improvisation

Step 1: Understand the fundamentals of being a user experience designer.

Step 2: Sharpen your design sense.

Step 3: Invest in suitable design software.

Step 4: Put together a portfolio of your work.

Step 5: Collect feedback (and learn from it)

Step 6: Gain practical work experience


If you’re a new graduate looking for a job in user experience design, know that you have a good chance of succeeding, especially if you can establish a skill set that distinguishes you from other UX professionals. Digital goods with outstanding usability and clear design are in high demand, and it appears that this need is expanding.

Reach out to us at our UI UX community if you have any additional questions so that we may help you!

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