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TIBCO’s Values—Rachel Brennan

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TIBCO’s values—together, innovative, bold, customer-focused and optimistic—act as a guide for everything we do: designing and building amazing products, providing excellent service, and having great employees. We continually remind ourselves about our values, in meetings, workshops, through posters, buttons, videos, and even a playbook. One of our best, and most process-obsessed team members, Rachel Brennan, is highlighted today for being a great example of our values. 

Rachel Brennan has exemplified the TIBCO values this year in her role as a product marketer. Rachel has contributed to TIBCO’s BPM efforts for almost 14 years, becoming the face of BPM at the company. This year, Rachel made outstanding contributions for TIBCO NOW 2016, with her efforts in providing a phenomenal experience in the Digital Hub. Not only does Rachel represent TIBCO’s core values in her day-to-day role, but with her tremendous contribution at TIBCO NOW she provided an outstanding experience for TIBCO’s customers, and brought an exciting vision to reality by creating an immersive experience in the Digital Hub. Her creative and imaginative approach to providing a vibrant atmosphere in the Digital Hub led to excitement around the products and company, resulting in fantastic feedback from the customers. Not only did she lead this experience, but she was instrumental in organizing TIBCO’s very first ‘Women in Technology’ event, having a strong dedication to equal opportunity and beginning a momentum toward empowering women in this industry. Rachel truly embodies the core values of Together, Innovative, Customer Oriented, Bold, and Optimistic, and was instrumental in transforming TIBCO NOW.


Rachel Brennan – Representing the TIBCO colors at the top of Machu Picchu

“My mother was my influence for getting started in technology, which is not the normal answer for most people. My mother was a SysV analyst back in the 80’s, so technology has come quite naturally to me. After I received a computer science degree, I started working through various .com companies in the 90’s, then started working at Staffware which was acquired by TIBCO. I am absolutely fascinated by the way everyone is utilizing data now, and how it has become a part of everyday life. I find it fascinating to watch what happened in the enterprise world in the last 15 years, how data started trickling into the day-to-day use of average people, especially as it becomes more consumable through mobile devices.”

“A lot of my job is ensuring that everyone is communicating, and doing so in a manner that is clear and precise. Having the ability to put together disparate pieces of information and find patterns, so that going forward, all parties can benefit from the valuable information. Really, a lot of my role is the orchestration of how everyone is on the same page, and making sure everyone is moving forward toward the same goals. It’s easier to orchestrate two groups to work together by pointing out the joint benefits from a solution, and being able to spot those benefits and communicate them to various groups is important.”

“I always thought if they could come up with a position titled ‘Chief Problem Solver,’ that would be me. I look after all of TIBCO’s business focused solutions, working on a strategic level around how we are going to go-to-market with our products, what audiences we want to target, and how are we going to best enable our sales people to sell our software. If there’s a way over, under, around, or through a problem, I am going to find it. I find the best way to find a solution for a problem is to be creative about it, and consider it from all angles, whether it be the technical side or the business side.

“I am very proud that this year I helped organize TIBCO’s first Women in Technology meeting at our TIBCO NOW 2016 user conference. This has been a passion of mine that I really wanted to bring forward and ensure that TIBCO was taking advantage of the opportunity that they had in front of them, especially considering the fact that we had a record number of female attendees at TIBCO NOW this year. I wanted to find a way to honor this milestone, and allow us women to get together to network and discuss our experiences as women in technology, with a little wine and cheese, of course.

“Over the years I have become fairly close with our Business Process Management customers, and I find that in order to be a good product marketer you have to have empathy for our customers. It’s important to have a good understanding of how the customer is feeling and what they are going through. The only real way of doing that is by having a close relationship with the customers and getting to know what their problems are and how they are benefitting from our partnership. I also wanted to create an exciting experience for our customers at TIBCO NOW in the Digital Hub, to properly showcase how much we care about them.

“The feedback from TIBCO NOW this year was outstanding, and I am especially proud that the Women in Technology event had glowing feedback. There were many thank you letters sent to me, to the CMO, and it was extraordinarily positive and went far better than I was expecting, which I am extremely pleased with. Because it was so well received, we are really moving forward with creating a powerful women’s network on the corporate scale year-round, not just at our user conferences. We are going to start this initiative in Palo Alto where we have a large employee presence, and then expand throughout the major cities around the globe. We actually have a women’s meetup happening in Palo Alto this week! 

“If I could give one piece of advice that I have benefitted the most from over the years, it would be to have an open mind to things that are slightly more creative, so not just thinking in technical terms and not just in business terms, but being able to blend the two together and finding a good balance. I think it’s also a good idea for the technicians and computer science people to grow their business side, and for the business and sales people to understand how the technology works, not necessarily on a coding level but to be aware of how it works, I think it would benefit both sides. Lastly, I would like to thank my mother for providing me with a strong and supportive network growing up, because I understand that this is not something everyone has, and giving me those core values that I am now honored to share.”

Interested in joining our team and applying these values to your work life? Check out current career opportunities at TIBCO here.

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