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TIBCO NOW DAY 3 RECAP: Delivering the Promise of Sustainable Innovation

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TIBCO NOW 2020 has come to a close — but you can still watch all of our content on-demand now through October 9. For the first time EVER, we are leaving registration open after the event, so if you haven’t already, you have one last chance to register

Read our recap blogs to see what happened on Day 1 and Day 2 of the event. 

Today’s theme, delivering on the promise of sustained innovation, was led by TIBCO’s Head of Customer Excellence, Jeff Hess. He explained that it all starts with putting your customers first. You need to constantly ask “How can we make life better for our customers?” It’s a powerful clarifier in a world of competing priorities. By asking this question every day it’s the only way to ensure you can deliver on the promise of sustained innovation.

Keynote: Customer Obsession + Long-Term Vision + Timing = Sustained Innovation

Stephen Brozovich, Principal Evangelist at AWS (Amazon Web Services) and long-time innovation leader, echoed Jeff’s opening and encouraged the audience to start with the customer and work backward. He said that at AWS, “There’s a lot of activity we could do to increase revenue and make shareholders happy. But we say no to a lot because we can’t connect it to a particular benefit for the customer.” Ninety percent of what Amazon builds is what customers ask for. The other ten is to ensure that the company will be around for customers for the long haul. And that’s entirely based on continuous invention and innovation. 

He also said that leaders expect and require innovation and invention from their teams but they don’t sacrifice long-term value for short-term results. A great example of this is the Amazon Echo which has fundamentally changed the way humans interact with machines. “No one was asking to build a voice-activated data assistant – but we knew customers’ lives would be easier if they didn’t have to touch the device,” explained Stephen. The team identified an enduring customer pain and took a long view to try and solve it.

Timing is also extremely important to attaining and maintaining innovation success. As an Olympic silver medalist and speaker, John Coyle explained “TIBCO removes that backdrop of noise so customers can make complex decisions in real-time with its software.” Thus, they get things done faster because they are not distracted. Similar to how TIBCO empowers race car drivers. These drivers have to make dozens of decisions a second. But with TIBCO, they don’t have to think about all the nitty-gritty so they can focus on the important stuff like when to accelerate when to brake, the g-force, etc. to win the race. We do the same for developers. TIBCO clears out the noise so they can deliver products faster. Ultimately, we want to remove the backdrop of noise so that our customers can make smarter, faster decisions. As a result, you give the gift of time back to your user, developers, and other decision-makers in the business. 

Sustainable Innovation Personified

Our CEO Dan Streetman dubbed athlete John Maclean “sustainable innovation personified” for his ability to continuously find new frameworks of thinking and constantly asking himself the question, “How far can you go?” At the age of 22, Maclean was paralyzed while training for a triathlon. After this, John adopted a new mindset, one that would allow him to achieve what he wanted most: to walk again. With the help of TIBCO, Maclean and his caretakers have been able to create a connected experience around muscle data captured from data points on John to refine his rehabilitation by focusing on the right data—gait analysis data and motion capture data. It’s an ongoing process, but by implementing a feedback loop using our AnyData Hub between our team and John’s, the time to the goal can be accelerated. We are proud to be a part of his ongoing journey.

Sustainable innovation personified is also the way to describe two-time FIFA World Cup champion Megan Rapinoe and six-time F1 Drivers’ Champion Lewis Hamilton. The two superstars talked about how they keep themselves inspired to keep pushing boundaries and remain at the top of their games. Sustaining championship form, year after year, demands an extreme level of physical, mental, and emotional commitment.

According to Rapinoe, athletes like her and Hamilton must ask themselves, “How can you get the most out of your body, out of your team every single time you play?” They rely on the data they collect about their performance over the course of a game, over a tournament, over a season, and use it to guide them to peak performance time after time. As in business, in sports data is the secret ingredient to sustaining innovation.

You Need to Invent at a Scale that Moves the Needle

The most sustainably innovative companies fail fast and fail often, but they don’t let that failure stop them. According to Stephen, “If your failures aren’t growing, you’re not going to be inventing at a size that can move the needle.” TIBCO understands the challenges created by the need for continuous innovation, and we have made dramatic pivots in the last year to help you to drive success and innovate every day to meet modern digital needs.

The most sustainably innovative companies fail fast and fail often, but they don’t let that failure stop them.
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TIBCO helps our customers build sustainable businesses where innovation becomes an extension of your everyday processes. We do this with proven technologies that turn data into assets, information into experiences, and help companies evolve into digital leaders.

As we conclude this year’s TIBCO NOW, we will continue to be collaborative with our amazing network of partners and customers. We know if we work together, we can solve any problem.

Thank you again for attending TIBCO NOW 2020 and to our amazing sponsors and partners. We look forward to seeing you again for TIBCO NOW 2021!

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