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TIBCO NOW 2018 Interconnect Keynote Recap

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It has to start somewhere It has to start sometime // What better place than here, what better time than now?  – Rage Against The Machine

TIBCO NOW 2018 has indeed gotten off to an awesome start here in Las Vegas! I had the honor of delivering the Interconnect product keynote earlier today and this note summarizes the major product and technology announcements.

The key focus for this year’s Interconnect keynote was how to address real-world problems using interconnect technologies. That’s what ultimately drives the value of everything we do from Open Source projects like Flogo to products like TIBCO Mashery and cloud services like TIBCO Cloud Integration.

Obviously behind the scenes and on stage I was supported by an amazing crew of folks – but I would like to thank Carey Paulus, VP Global Business Units, Jabil in particular for joining me on stage to talk about how Jabil, a global manufacturing giant, is planning to use Project Flogo and TIBCO Connected Intelligence Cloud to power their IoT initiatives. It’s always gratifying and humbling to know that the products launched in last year’s keynote are already making their way into consumer appliances like ovens, refrigerators and washing machines.  

It was raining products and technology today, so I am gonna have to limit to the top ten announcements to highlight here.

TIBCO Scribe is now available as part of TIBCO Cloud™ Integration. Earlier this year, we had acquired Scribe Software to augment our cloud integration capabilities and the team has worked extremely hard to bring you Scribe as part of TIBCO Cloud Integration in under 90 days. Connect any app or API using TCI Scribe in just a few minutes.


Scribe is now part of TIBCO Cloud Integration

TIBCO Cloud™ Integration for Salesforce: We previewed a brand new native Salesforce Lightning app featuring an easy to use smart mapping experience powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). TIBCO’s Rahul Kamdar joined me in demonstrating how this no-mapper experience is powered by Flogo serverless functions running on AWS Lambda, NLP techniques, and Deep Learning. It humanizes integration and enables business users to not just get their work done faster but also constantly improves data accuracy and team productivity.


Smart maps powered by AI as featured in the Salesforce Lightning app demo

TIBCO Cloud™ Events is an easy to use TIBCO Cloud service powered by TIBCO BusinessEvents to get started with event processing & contextual decisions in the cloud. Krithika Balagurunathan from TIBCO’s BE Product Management and I talked about how there is a massive resurgence of interest in Event-driven Architectures driven by technologies like Apache Kafka and AWS Lambda and in many ways, it feels a bit like being back to the future with event-driven everything. What are you going to build with Event processing in the cloud – let us know in the comments section or come to talk to the team in the TIBCO NOW showcase.

TIBCO Cloud™ Live Apps Voice Assistant is a conversational capability that we are announcing as part of TIBCO CloudTM Live Apps mobile app. Approving a purchase order or updating an expense report is now literally a voice command away. I personally can’t wait to approve all the expense reports from my team using this app, from the comfort of my couch or in the backseat of a cab – who wants to navigate a maze of god-awful ERP screens behind corporate VPN anyways? 

TIBCO BusinessWorks 6.5.0 & TIBCO BusinessWorks Container Edition 2.4 are major milestones releases for our flagship integration technology. The overarching focus for the BW product team in this release has been to industrialize the experience for both developers as well as operators. There are tons of awesome features from beautiful, pixel-perfect out of the box process monitoring & Open Tracing support with Jaeger to major improvements in visual unit testing and test coverage automation.

TIBCO® Mashery Local 5 is coming out later this fall. As Raji Narayanan from Mashery Product Management said, the much awaited Mashery Local 5 with its native Kubernetes tooling, enhanced offline capabilities, DevOps friendly tooling – is a major release that promises to deliver significant value as part of enterprise cloud deployments. Apart from Mashery Local 5, the team also has lots of updates planned for Mashery SaaS with improved Swagger API documentation support, API Lifecycle Governance through TCLA, etc.  

TIBCO® Messaging: Earlier this year we had announced support for Apache Kafka and Eclipse Mosquitto as components of TIBCO Messaging. We look forward to contributing to upstream projects and help the community with lessons learn from the past couple of decades building mission-critical messaging middleware.  Apart from that TIBCO ActiveSpaces® 4 and TIBCO FTL® 6 are new releases this fall that further advance the core low latency foundation for interconnect. TIBCO FTL 6, for instance, has expanded support for Kubernetes and cloud deployments and ActiveSpaces 4 now gets multi-site disaster recovery and grid replication.  


API Scout is a brand new open source project that addresses developers needs around microservices documentation. Leon Stigter, who leads TIBCO’s Developer Advocacy, did an awesome demo where he walked through a developer journey. He used a Flogo goLang API that allows a developer to annotate their Kubernetes microservices with Swagger metadata and, then, API Scout will go discover that annotation and create a beautiful doc. It’s like a friendly talent scout to build your awesome API and next big digital product. Go check it out and contribute to API Scout development!


Picture3Microservice discovery powered by API Scout

Speaking of Flogo, it is coming up on its 2 year anniversary – and we have some major news on this front. Flogo is already the most popular integration open source project with over 100 open source contributors and over 420 open source extensions. So we decided to throw an awesome party by announcing two major new extensions to the Flogo ecosystem.  

Flogo Edge Streams: Flogo is adding native support for edge streaming pipelines. Flogo already has the capability to process edge streams like sensor messages, Kafka messages, etc., for quite some time. But, this time around we are enhancing it as a first-class action. There is a simple DSL that you can use to pre-process streams and hand it off to machine learning inferencing or integration flows – all with zero network hops or latency through an in-memory channel.


Flogo Rules: We also announced a brand new sub-project in the Flogo ecosystem around real-time contextual decisions. Think of the powerful rules-engine kernel behind TIBCO BusinessEvents – being now made available as a tiny goLang library and as a first-class action in Flogo. Just like edge streams, you can chain rules actions with other actions like flows and microgateway to build amazing apps at the edge. Matt Ellis did an awesome demo of how all these Flogo capabilities like machine learning, streams, and rules can be packaged as a single lightweight binary on an edge device to drive some unprecedented smart edge use cases.  


There were more product releases & updates that simply couldn’t make it to this blog or the keynote because of the time constraints. We’ll plan on covering most if not all of those in the various breakout sessions over the next couple of days as well as follow-up articles and discussions on the blog. My team and I eagerly look forward to hearing your feedback on all these announcements.

Stay tuned for more integration updates in the coming days and coming months.


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