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The year 2020 has been a rather dramatic year for everyone. The outbreak of COVID-19 shook the world upside-down. Unprecedented lockdowns and strict social distancing norms had us all home-locked, wondering what will follow next? The world we operate in became dynamic and extremely volatile in nature, the only thing constant being change itself.

Companies across the globe instantly embraced the work-from-home culture to ensure the safety of their employees. The processes and policies that worked for companies before were now futile, at least most of them. The hiring process demanded a new perspective, approach and set of techniques. Spotting the right talent in countries such as India, which is home to the one of the largest workforce population, is and has been always challenging.  Combined with the Pandemic-effect, it can easily keep HR managers on their toes looking for the right channels to reach out to the ideal candidates. 

The truth is, irrespective of the awareness on various channels available, most HR managers prefer relying on what is most comfortable to use. However, now is the right time to widen our approach and actively work across useful channels to source the right talent. After a turbulent phase of high number of lay-offs in 2020, the number of job-seekers across levels have gone up. Many took to their social media profiles to ask for work opportunities to sustain. Today, with the digital platforms as the only means to instantly search for jobs, it is crucial for HR managers to widen their accessibility on various digital touchpoints. In this regard, let’s explore the six crucial ways to source the right talent in 2021.


Professional networking platforms

The importance of building a strong employer branding on professional networking sites has earned a new depth. Instead of looking at your company’s social profiles to push company announcements, you need to leverage it as a two-way communication platform; and connect with your followers deeply. A high engagement on your posts showcases that your followers have similar interest as your company’s and therefore spotting the right people for the right work can be way easier. Follow a well-planned communication for your company’s social profile, especially regarding hiring and company culture. Here, understanding your audience is key. Building on content that appeals to your audience will not only improve engagement but will also increase the number of followers.

Also, the social media profiles of your company’s founder, CEO and other division heads will have an equal or higher number of followers; mostly, it’s the latter. For many important roles, you can also leverage leaders’ position on professional networking platforms. 


Employer review platforms

These platforms have taken the central stage for all the job seekers. They religiously devour every piece of information on companies that have offered them a job. Unfortunately, in a virtual world, your company’s reputation relies on either the social media platforms or these review platforms. Solution? Get brand ambassadors. These brand ambassadors are not anyone else but your own employees. You can encourage your employees, even former employees, to share their positive experiences with the firm on employer review platforms.  


Making spot-on job descriptions

So far, the usual basic pointers for jobs across the roles were working just fine. But today every communication that goes out is consumed profoundly by the tech-savvy people. Use your job descriptions as the ultimate filters. Meaning, the moment someone reads it, they know whether they are a fit or not. For instance, instead of saying “job includes monitoring staff” you can choose to write “The job requires monitoring mid-level tele executives”. Or “Looking for a hard-working content writer” can be written as “Looking for a content writer to deliver at least 3000 words a day on current affairs.”

The point here is, be specific with your requirement. It shows clarity in communication and sets the expectations between the company and the candidate right.


Cross-industry recruitment

This can be a rewarding move, especially for senior-level roles. Hiring a professional with deep knowledge on the subject working in a different niche can reap many benefits. Meaning, HR managers need to investigate the skills required and hire an “expert” based on the skills and not the experience of working in the same industry. For instance, hiring an erstwhile army officer as head of security and surveillance can neutralize many untoward situations even before it becomes worrisome, due to their quick thinking and solution-oriented approach.


User-friendly application page

To build a good connect with your ideal candidate, the communication needs to be easy and fast. An application filling page that loads slow or hangs in between the process is a major turn-off, especially for millennials and Gen-Z. It also, kind of, creates a bad-first impression among the users. Follow simple procedures and use technology that matches the speed of today.


Working with GenZ 

GenZ is referred to people born after 1996 and are less than 25 years of age as of 2021. Technology is native to them since they have spent their growing years accessing all kinds of technical gadgets. If your firm hasn’t already started to think of “how to work with Gen-Z?” then we recommend you start planning right away. Simply because this generation is way too different from previous generations; and if not today, soon your firm will be hiring these young, enthusiastic set of candidates as fresh talent. This generation is much more confident due to high-scale exposure to information and news. They can prove to be a great asset to work with on many levels including technology, client interaction, creative content creation and more.

To attract the right fit Gen-Z employees, ensure all your communication targeted towards them is engaging and crisp. In general, they seek meaningful work and place a lot of emphasis on job autonomy and transparent work culture. Addressing their need for flexible working, freedom of thought and meaningful work can help Organizations connect with the future workforce seamlessly.

This article was originally published on Kelly Services Blog

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