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Process Street Highway 2021: Welcome to the Future of Process Management

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process street highway webinar virtual event 2021
We’ve just wrapped up our first ever virtual event Highway, and we are super excited to share this roundup of everything!

Highway 2021 was an event we hosted to chat with industry leaders about everything process-related. From exciting developments to life (and business) changing use cases, Highway brought the best that the industry has to offer and streamed it live to an audience of hundreds.

Everyone involved, from our internal team to the guest speakers did such an amazing job pulling this together, and we’re super proud and excited to share the recordings with everyone.

So grab a coffee, sit right down and let Process Street show you to the future of process management!

Here’s an overview if you want to jump ahead:

Welcome to the Future of Process Management!

Favorite quote:

“Over the past year, we’ve been hard at work building the most significant addition to the Process Street platform that we’ve ever created. And I’m so excited to share it with you today.”

Presented by: Vinay Patankar, CEO at Process Street

What you’ll learn: See how the world’s best teams use process maturity as their competitive advantage.

Introducing Pages: The Best Way to Create a Knowledge Base Next to Your Processes

Favorite quote:

“And that is what Pages represents for us. More than just a feature, It’s the next stage for Process Street, from a powerful workflow tool to a modern process management platform capable of supporting the entire process lifecycle.”

Presented by: Michael Desouza, Director of Product Management at Process Street.

What you’ll learn: Get an up-close demo of Process Street’s newest product, Pages. See all the key functionality of Pages and ways it can improve your organization.

Remote Team Management Secrets with Zapier CEO, Wade Foster

Favorite quote:

“Spend a lot of time thinking about what your company’s onboarding process looks like. You want to make sure that folks on day one are finding ways to plug into your company.”

Presented by: Wade Foster Co-founder & CEO at Zapier.

What you’ll learn: Hear how a fully-remote team of more than 500 people distributed across the world manages employee onboarding, team culture, and more

Supercharging Operational Efficiency with Leverage CEO, Nick Sonnenberg

Favorite quote:

“A company can only scale as fast as knowledge can be transferred.”

Presented by: Nick Sonnenberg, Founder and CEO of Leverage

What you’ll learn: How to automate & optimize your processes from start to finish, with the example of how Nick’s team kicked their operational efficiency into overdrive.

Client Onboarding 101 with Adam Schweickert of Wetmore Consulting Group

Favorite quote:

“[…] we set out to build a process that would allow us to have some QA control over the information that was being given; make sure that we were getting complete information, and also open things up to have a collaborative experience with these customers, which really allowed us to cut the [onboarding time] in half. It’s had a huge impact on our business: We move much quicker, we’re getting much better info, and the client experience has been much, much better.”

Presented by: Adam Schweickert of Wetmore Consulting Group.

What you’ll learn: How to supercharge your client onboarding from Adam Schweickert – a professional consultant from Wetmore Consulting Group who showed our users at Process Street how they handle their operations to get things up and running as quickly as possible while keeping their clients happy.

Talking Customer Success Strategies and Tips for Remote Teams with Jay Nathan

Favorite quote:

“Agility is key in every business, and every department in a business. We talk a lot about “Agile” in the software engineering world, but those same concepts apply to the way we build the structure and the process around our business; the other parts that aren’t the technology.”

Presented by: Jay Nathan, Co-founder of and Chief Customer Officer at Higher Logic and Jason MacMurray VP of Customer Success at Process Street

What you’ll learn: How to scale a world-class customer success team. How to add consistency and reliability to your CS teams without losing the human touch.

Managing the Process: Secrets and Hacks from Process Street Experts

Favorite quote:

“I love the fact that we can make Workflows dynamic so that you can have one workflow serve a variety of purposes & teams, and keep things organized with the ability to apply it to different teams and departments and make it work for what you need.”

Presented by: Blake Bailey, Ellie Mahoney, Brian Ralston, Gustavo Amaral from Process Street’s Customer Success Team.

What you’ll learn: How to make the most of your processes (or where to get started) without paying a consultant, and how you should be managing your processes, with advice from a round table of Process Street experts.

Process Design Masterclass: What I’ve Learned Building Processes for Hundreds of Teams

Favorite quote:

“We talked about ‘4 Ws and 1 H’:
Why does this workflow exist?
What needs to be done? Those are the tasks.
How do those tasks get done? That’s your form fields; your content where you provide instructions.
Who does/owns each task?
When is the task supposed to be done?”

Presented by: Anne Perry, Process Street’s resident Process Design Expert

What you’ll learn: How we’ve built processes for hundreds of teams to help make work fun, fast, and faultless.

Why Processes Are Vital to Scaling a Business with Rich Wong, General Partner at Accel

Favorite quote:

“I think this kind of philosophy of adopting the ‘lean startup’ or ‘lean product development’ methodology, and then applying that to process in this bite-sized, iterative improvement way while gathering data & using processes in real-time, getting real feedback is a big shift that we’ve seen, and it’s something that we recommend a lot of our customers do.
We call it ‘lean process management’.”

Presented by: Rich Wong, General Partner at Accel, with Vinay Patankar and Blake Thorne of Process Street.

What you’ll learn: Everything about scaling a business. Namely, why it’s impossible without building solid processes.

Setting up a No-Code Operational Culture With On Deck (Masters of Process Podcast Preview)

Favorite quote:

“I think as more companies are forming and growing super fast, the need for technical talent is high, and the supply still remains fairly low, we’re gonna see more and more startups using no-code not only for their external product, like for what their customers are using, but also for a lot of their internal processes from day one.”

Presented by: Co-Founder & CEO of No Code Ops, Philip Lankin, our very own Blake Bailey from Process Street, along with Curtis Cummings and Michael Gill from On Deck.

What you’ll learn: The best way to set up a no-code operational culture with a sneak peek into the Masters of Process podcast.

It was a great experience running our first virtual event, and we learned a lot and hopefully provided you with some useful information. If you haven’t already, don’t forget you can sign up for a free Process Street account here.

Let us know what you thought of our virtual Highway event in the comments, we’re always looking for ways to improve.

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