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At Community by NASSCOM Insights, we talk about the latest insights from the global and Indian technology industry across different verticals and categories. In case you have missed, signing-up to one of the largest tech community in India, here’s your fortnightly dose of what happened in the technology arena in the last two weeks.

Fathoming the Evolution of AI in RPA
RPA and AI are two horizontal technology that has disparate and defined roles to perform but implementing both without expertise can muddle up the initiatives. RPA dynamism has nothing to do with intelligence, it’s AI that pushes the RPA to execute human mimics…[read more]

Why virtualization is key to data security & compliance
Dispersed workforce and diverse end-point devices connected over broadband and mobile networks have increased the corporate attack surface manifold, rendering business data and applications vulnerable like never before…[read more]

Road for Government adoption of AI
From transportation solutions to video-streaming applications, artificial intelligence (AI) permeates almost every aspect of our lives. This includes government, where AI is increasingly making an impact…[read more]
Digital Oil Fields: Adding Vitality and Sustainability to Oil & Gas Operations
Over the last decade, renewable energy has emerged as a viable alternative to conventional fuel sources, such as oil and gas. It has resulted in investments being channelized into innovations focused on renewable energy, leaving oil and gas operators no choice but to improve efficiency to sustain operations while also keeping an eye on the future…[read more]
RPA in Fintech Evolution
Financial services or Fintech is the use of technology with innovation in financial services. Fintech is changing the face of financial services and transforming the banking world as we know it. On the other hand, Robotic Process Automation (RPA) was predicted to be one of the industry’s most significant trends in 2018. ..[read more]
How To Select A Secure Cryptocurrency Wallet?
Whether you’re planning to buy cryptocurrency in India or simply holding crypto coins for future use, a secure cryptocurrency wallet is a must-have. A digital wallet is a software application that saves and stores public and private keys plus interacts with multiple blockchains…[read more]
Transforming the telecom industry with Artificial Intelligence
Telecommunications might not be the first sector that comes to mind when we think of industries that are considered the pioneers in customer experience. During COVID-19, the expectations for customer experience are even more profound and the stress on telecom providers couldn’t be higher…[read more]
Using IoT to Deliver Digital Learning
Keeping in mind the use of technology in our daily life, the Internet of Things is becoming the inclining theme on the planet. Internet of Things prominently called IoT is the inter-networking of inter-connected gadgets over the web with no human interaction…[read more]
The Internet of Things : Beyond the Hype
IoT seems to have crossed its Hype Cycle peak somewhere in 2016 and is well heading into the Troughs of Despair. The ubiquitous IOT device still remains the mobile phone with people preferring to use more of the integrated sensors in mobiles rather than discrete sensors…[read more]
Adapt-or-die: Why e-Commerce stores need No-Code
The transition from a brick-and-mortar store to an e-commerce website is not easy and can be intimidating to retailers. However, this digital transformation cannot be delayed any further…[read more]
What are the Role of DevOps in Driving Business Outcomes?
DevOps is a development technique IT organizations are fast embracing. It guarantees increased software development speeds and increased business agility that originates from smoothing out and quickening the collaborations between development and operations processes…[read more]
Building a product mindset in the ecommerce business
The retail industry has undergone an incredible digital transformation over the last decade. Fostering a product mindset is a key aspect of this transformation. A product mindset keeps the guest at the center, is ever-evolving and continuously improving…[read more]
India, the emerging innovation hub for global products
India is today one of the largest exporters of ER&D services worldwide, comprising of close to one-third of the $100 billion global engineering outsourcing market. ..[read more]

NTLF 2021 – Starts on an Awesome Note
We have seen a lot of thing moving digital this year, and taking the trend forward the NTLF 2021 was launched in its virtual avatar…[read more]

Growing Popularity of Online Video Platforms (OVP)
Increasingly, streaming video networks are finding popularity through mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets because they can play live or pre-uploaded video content anywhere, any time…[read more]

Resilience of the Indian IT Sector: Islands of Opportunities in an Ocean of Chaos
They say when America sneezes, the world catches a cold. But what happens when the world catches the Coronavirus? A virus 400 times smaller than the diameter of a human hair has exposed the frailties of the globalized economy…[read more]

DevOps Taking Center Stage in 2021
In 2007, Patrick Debois and Andrew Shafer came up with a winning solution for eliminating inefficiencies and delays arising from the development and operations processes of a project being siloed…[read more]

The Road Ahead for Cryptocurrency in 2021?
2020 has not been a great year for all of us on the occasion of the global Covid 19 pandemic. But it has been one of the most remarkable years for the crypto industry…[read more]

Department of Science and Technology Releases New Guidelines for Geospatial Data and Geospatial Data Services
Earlier today, the Department of Science and Technology (DST) released its new Guidelines for Acquiring and Producing Geospatial Data and Geospatial Services Data (Guidelines)…[read more]

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Creating Women Tech Ambassadors in ER&D Space

Breaking Free of Disparate Treatment in Workplaces

Towards a RESTful (Responsible, Ethical, and Sustainable Technology) Future

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A world without traffic jams!

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