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JFL’s Impactful CSR and EHS Solutions: Powered by Zvolv

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In an era where corporate social responsibility (CSR) and environmental health and safety (EHS) have taken centre stage, organizations are pioneering initiatives to create a positive impact on society and the environment.  

One such organization, Jubilant Food Works Limited, India’s largest foodservice company, boasts a diverse portfolio that includes the exclusive Domino’s franchise across India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and Nepal, with a network of 1,800+ stores. In addition, they hold the exclusive Dunkin’ Donuts franchise in India, operating more than 900 stores, and own Hong’s Kitchen, a culinary venture featuring 18 restaurants across three cities. Committed to giving back to society and ensuring EHS compliance, they embarked on a partnership with Zvolv, leveraging its low-code process automation solutions to achieve swift time-to-value, create customizable applications, and seamlessly integrate with their existing systems. 

JFL’s CSR initiative sought to provide training and employment opportunities to individuals from underprivileged backgrounds who lacked formal education and qualifications. Zvolv stepped in to create a customized CSR application, which was instrumental in streamlining and facilitating the end-to-end process, from candidate screening to onboarding, as well as post-training analytics. 

The solution made it possible to screen candidates efficiently by cross-referencing their identification documents with various government verification databases, thereby preventing identity fraud. The system also eliminated the chances of duplicate applications. 

Moreover, the solution enabled tracking of classroom training results, managing candidate information, and generating certificates on completion of training. The solution incorporated a public form that is sent to candidates, enabling online assessments. Subsequently, the scoring data is efficiently collated and analyzed. Due to the seamless integration with the organisation’s database, it simplified the allocation of candidates to relevant roles based on their aptitude, improving the entire onboarding process. 

The application’s key value propositions included: 

Identity Verification: It ensured the verification of candidates undergoing training, enhancing security and credibility. 

Transparency: By providing a digital common platform, Zvolv improved transparency and eliminated opacity, reducing delays in the process. 

Automation: Automation brought about a significant transformation, replacing the chaotic manual processes that involved emails, Excel sheets, and phone calls.  

The teams at JFL and Zvolv identified opportunities for enhancing the capture of candidate details and ensuring the eligibility of participants in training sessions. 

Analytics: The system offered real-time insights and analytics, empowering the CSR team to measure their performance against defined metrics, track specially-abled candidate intakes, and assess month-on-month achievements. 

Furthermore, a key metric for the management, the “Number of lives impacted,” is a testament to the holistic transformation. Calculated as the “Total number of placements approved multiplied by Five,” this metric uniquely reflects not only job creation but the broader impact on families and communities. For instance, if 5 individuals secure placements, the number of lives impacted amounts to 25, showcasing the extended effect beyond mere job opportunities. 

As Zvolv empowered the CSR team with real-time insights and analytics, it’s worth noting that these capabilities extend seamlessly into JFL’s EHS endeavours. The same principles of efficiency, transparency, and automation were harnessed in both spheres. 

The organization’s EHS requirements included an integrated solution that would streamline data entry, approval processes, user management, and analytics for EHS compliance. 

Zvolv’s application offered customizable data entry forms and an approval process that incorporated permissible limits and system-generated comments to highlight variations from the limit values. Site managers could view entries only from their respective locations, while key stakeholders at JFL had a holistic view across all site managers. 

The EHS solution provided the following benefits: 

Personalisation: It allowed key stakeholders to customize data entry forms, making the system adaptable to evolving requirements. 

Integrated & Real-time Compliance Management: The application seamlessly facilitated the flow of data from EHS heads to site managers. Equipped with the system, could meticulously cross-check the data against permissible limits and receive real-time notifications if any anomalies needed immediate attention. 

Centralized Data Platform: The system maintained a comprehensive directory of all data entries, including approval status, remarks, and dates, enhancing traceability and record-keeping. 

Zvolv’s capabilities have played a pivotal role in revolutionizing JFL’s CSR and EHS initiatives, showcasing the profound impact of process automation in modern corporate responsibility. What’s more, businesses can benefit from a spectrum of other solutions that are poised to empower enterprises on their journey to making a positive societal and environmental impact, demonstrating Zvolv as a partner in sustainable progress. 

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