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How to Build Your Company’s Identity With Process Street Custom Branding

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Process Street’s powerful custom branding feature, you’ll be able to create amazing workflows that conform to your brand image. 

You can also improve legibility by designing useful visual aids for your workflow branding.

And Process Street will help you do that.

Let me show you how.

What is custom branding?

Custom branding refers to creating a unique brand identity that defines a business, organization, or individual. 

The process of creating a custom brand includes:

Customization will make your company stand out and play a major part in growing your brand.

You can accomplish this through consistent branding across all marketing and communication channels, including social media, website, and promotional materials.

The importance of custom branding

Custom branding is a vital part of any business, and there are several reasons why:

  1. It differentiates you from competitors.
  2. It makes your brand more recognizable.
  3. It builds trust and credibility.
  4. It helps your customers connect emotionally with your products and services.

All these factors will grow your business by building customer loyalty and driving results in sales and marketing. 

And why is that important? I’ll tell you.

Think for a second, what company comes to mind when you see the letter “M” in large, golden arches?

McDonald’s, am I right?

See, you’ve been conditioned to recognize their logo, whether you eat at McDonald’s or not.

The way your brand represents your business can make a huge difference. You may be offering the most amazing product, but it won’t sell if it has no meaning to your customers.

So how do you create meaning around your product?

By providing a strong brand voice that both your customers and employees will relate to. You’ll want people to instantly recognize your brand as soon as your logo appears.

What are the benefits of custom branding?

Custom branding is a powerful tool when used appropriately, but it takes time and effort.

It can sometimes take months to start yielding results, but don’t give up!

Let me show you all the benefits you’ll reap with custom branding:

Brand recognition

By creating a unique business identity, your customers will be able to recognize who you are and what you’re about.

It’ll make them remember you, in turn driving brand awareness and recognition.

Ask yourself, “How well do people know my brand?” The answer to this question indicates if your customer can differentiate you from competitors.

So if you’re answer is “I’m not sure,” it’s time to invest in custom branding!

Loyal customers

A strong brand voice will gain a loyal following, and so will creating a magical customer experience.

When your brand has a well-developed custom branding strategy, it conveys a sense of emotional connection.

But what does that mean?

Well, it means that your customers will start associating your brand with positive things. It also raises satisfaction with your products and elevates the perceived value of your services.

The result?

More returning customers, more positive reviews, and more sales.

Straightforward marketing

Once people start recognizing your brand, marketing becomes effortless.

Yes, you’ll still want to send weekly newsletters, engage your customers on social media, and keep improving your marketing strategy.

But it’ll be much easier to do all this when you already have brand recognition and a loyal customer base.

And that’s before we even consider word-of-mouth marketing.

If your customers are happy, they will start recommending you to their friends and family. Talk about organic marketing!

Increased employee engagement

Companies with solid branding make employees proud.

Proud and happy employees will stay with you longer, be extra productive, and add value to your business.

A strong brand will always invest in its workforce, helping them achieve success and bring joy to their work life.

What’s more, once you get your branding right, people will want to work for you. Attracting the right talent will be much easier because you’ll start receiving more job applications. 

How to create a memorable brand identity?

Maintaining your brand identity can be stressful.

And if you’re sending emails to clients and onboarding new hires, things can quickly get out of control.

Doing it all alone? 

Consider investing in software that’ll practically do it for you!

So by introducing Process Street into your strategy, you’ll be able to:

Yes, Process Street is a no-code workflow management solution, but it can also double up as a branding tool! 

Let me give you a couple of examples:

Salesforce is one of our amazing customers that use Process Street for employee onboarding. 

They asked to customize their new hire experience by changing the look of one of our extensions to reflect the Salesforce brand.

Nium, another of our customers, asked for customizing the subdomain to look and feel like their brand for their customers.

Both companies were able to tailor their employee and consumer experiences with us, keeping their brand identity consistent at the same time.

So let’s break it down using our Salesforce employee onboarding example. 

Here’s all you need to know to start customizing your brand identity.

Customize colors

Remember the McDonald’s example?

Personalizing colors and being consistent with them throughout your communication channels is important. 

They will help you convey your brand message and add to your brand persona.

The below example shows you exactly what I mean. 

In just a few clicks, you can customize the Process Street interface to suit your brand. 

custom branding dashboard

So if your new hire navigates to Process Street to complete their onboarding workflow, they’ll see the colors that represent your brand.

This is the beginning of the journey, so make it memorable.

Add logos and cover images

The next step to building a loyal workforce that’ll be proud to work for you is by customizing your logos.

So, again, the below example shows you how to add your own cover image to Pages.

custom branding cover image

When creating Pages or Workflows, you can update any image or logo as a header to give it that custom-brand feel.

Make sure that, along with brand coloring, you include your logos everywhere, too!

After all, you’ll want your new hire to familiarize themselves with your brand voice as soon as possible.

Define custom subdomain

Subdomains bring personalization to another level.

Let’s say your company’s name is Bright Star, and your new hire is a writer called Joanna J.

 Which one of the below domains would you rather see:

custom branding define domain

By creating a custom domain, you’ll add a personal touch that won’t go unnoticed by your new employee.

Design email with HTML or rich text

The time has come to send Joanna a welcome email following successful onboarding.

custom branding emails

Again, keep your coloring consistent, your logo at the top, and then create a beautifully formatted email.

Joanna will already be impressed with your brand at this point, so keep at it to make her a proud employee!

Investing in custom branding is vital

Custom branding will transform the way your company is perceived by both employees and customers alike.

It aims to differentiate your business from competitors and create a solid and memorable brand image that resonates with your target audience. 

When done right, custom branding will drive growth, loyalty, and sales.

Because the process can be time-consuming, consider utilizing a software tool that will make it effortless and quick.

The bottom line is custom branding is vital for any business, and yours will benefit too!

The post Blog first appeared on Process Street | Checklist, Workflow and SOP Software.

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