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Going through a job crisis? Your perfect guide of the Do’s and Don’ts to emerge out of it!

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If you’re reading this, I am guessing you are probably someone who has lost a job or an internship program? Or maybe you know someone who did? Or even if you’re the person who had to let go of your talent in times of crisis, that is okay too. You all are in the right place. 

Right now, the world economy is suffering from an unprecedented collapse. Never in our scariest thoughts did we imagine the future of work to be this uncertain.

In the third quarter of the current fiscal, according to the FICCI report, the economy grew at a six-year low rate of 4.7%. The demand-supply equation of our current workforce is imbalanced. Travel and tourism, hospitality, aviation, and retail are amongst various other sectors which have undergone a major dip in its demand. It has increased its volatility in the financial market sector as well. Furthermore, the bilateral trade between the economies has been highly impacted which has disrupted the supply side of the market to a large extent.

Hiring freeze, delayed onboarding, layoffs due to the market slowdown, long sabbatical leaves to its employees, major pay-cuts are some of the most common measures taken by the big and small corporates, to cut their costs during this pandemic.

Apart from the financial side of this crisis, we are encountering two other sides as well i.e. the physical crisis and the emotional or mental health crisis. With each passing day, we read headlines which not only increase our uncertainty towards our future work but also impact our emotional well-being. This has further led to an increase in the anxiety levels among people, to its high.

In an early WHO prediction, roughly 20 percent of the population is expected to suffer from mental illness by 2020. That counts for more than 200 million people having mental health issues which are expected to rise further. This surely seems to be a scary number, doesn’t it?

So, what can we do on our end to ensure a healthy lifestyle, especially during the job crisis? 

Following is the list of Do’s and Don’ts which have been very thoughtfully recommended by Dr. D Prasanth Nair, Co-founder of Asynithis (Indus Partners). He suggests that even though these are some of the learnings from his personal experience with people going through such a crisis, these can be customized to one’s situation accordingly.

The 3 Don’ts:

  1. Don’t blame yourself:
    Doubting your capabilities is bound to happen when it comes to job loss. But one must understand that it is about just being in the wrong place at the wrong time. You might be perfectly capable in your field of expertise but things might not always work out the way you want them to. So, let go of the blame game and take a deep breath. Job loss is temporary but self-doubt can be permanent.
  2. Don’t withdraw:
    You must not be ashamed of your current situation. It is okay to not be okay. Avoid getting trapped in a shell where you distance yourself from the social world. Give yourself some time, relax for a while, and emerge as a much better person than you ever were.
  3. Don’t overreact:
    While withdrawal from the real world must be avoided at any cost, overreacting in such a situation is a big no-no as well. Continuous ranting over the social media, and spreading hatred, as well as negativity, can adversely affect your social image amongst your peers and colleagues. A sense of civility must be maintained at such times.

The 3 Do’s:

  1.  The PRCA manoeuvre (Pause-Reflect-Choose your Career-Act): You are hit hard by this crisis right now. Instead of immediately reacting to the situation, Pause yourself and your career for a while. Accept the facts that surround you. Put your thinking hats on.
    Reflect on your current state of affairs. Contemplate your career goals and align them with your current role. Ask yourself if you feel the need for a career or a role switch, between various domains or even industries.
    The next step is to weigh your list of pros and cons and then Choose your career path. Make a rational choice. With an open mindset, know what you are getting into.
    And then is the time to eventually Act on it. Utilize this time to upskill or reskill yourself. Turn it to your advantage and expand your proficiency in it.
  2. Start Networking: Approach, connect and communicate. Make your presence felt. Whether it is amongst your close acquaintances, peers, colleagues, prospective employers, or even strangers. Communicate openly over any platform of your choice. The more you listen, the more you know other people’s perspectives. It will not only help you to build healthy relationships but also improve your social existence.
  3. Indulge yourself: Having to spend so much time by yourself locked at home can be a little disorienting when it comes to our mental peace. To tranquilize your wellbeing, pick a hobby or a habit and devote your leisure time to it. Learn new skills. Think of all the activities you’ve always wanted to do but couldn’t due to the hustle and bustles of your work life. Draw, paint, read, write, cook, sing, dance, or pamper yourself. The real pleasure is in taking care of yourself first.

As rightly quoted by Mahatma Gandhi, “In the midst of the darkness, light persists”. It is not the right time to lose hope but instead to create an opportunity out of it.

Above all, keep a positive attitude throughout. Follow these do’s and don’ts consistently. Be grateful for what you have. Prioritize your mental wellbeing first, optimize your immunity towards such a crisis and keep moving forward.

You are much more capable of than you think. And always remember, this too shall pass.

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