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Free Elevator Pitch Template to Keep Your Team on Brand

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An elevator pitch lets you concisely introduce your project, product, idea, or yourself to potential clients and investors in a way that sparks their interest. A successful elevator pitch convinces busy people you’re worth some of their time, allowing you to present yourself fully to new business contacts who can make a difference.

In this article, you’ll learn how an elevator pitch template can simplify the process of preparing a pitch. We’ll also share an intuitive Elevator Pitch Template from, enabling you and your team to create compelling elevator pitches for an array of purposes quickly.

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What is an elevator pitch template?

An elevator pitch is a brief and convincing speech to a business contact that introduces you and communicates key points to spark their interest. Its name reflects the 20-30 seconds a pitch should take to relay information, which is about the same time as a shared elevator ride.

An elevator pitch template is a layout where you add content to speedily compose unique pitches for various purposes.

It’s helpful to have elevator pitches ready for business events where you anticipate meeting potential clients and investors or promoting your personal brand during a chance encounter. They also focus on the vision, trimming details to only those immediately essential.

Elevator pitches are vital to startups, nonprofits, entrepreneurs, and anyone with an idea, product, or project to promote or who wants to build business relationships. Their purpose is to generate interest in the pitch’s subject to a person or entity currently in the dark. It needs to immediately arouse sufficient interest to compel the recipient to give you more time to prove your offering’s worth to them.

Why use an elevator pitch template?

An elevator pitch template:

You can customize elevator pitch templates to account for minor changes in your offering or purpose.

What are some examples of elevator pitch templates?

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all template, as audiences are as diverse as the many ideas pitched to them. However, some features are common to every elevator pitch, such as clarity, the economy of language, and relevance for the intended listener. The following examples show some situations where an elevator pitch can help you achieve your goals. Each follows a format tailored for the purpose.

Arouse curiosity

This approach works because it tells the recipient what you do and gives them accurate data that supports your boast. It then draws them into a conversation that may reveal their interest in your field or provide them with a name to pass to a business friend who may be interested.

Attract investors

This profusion of information follows a very distinct path; it reveals a problem common enough to attract significant interest, explains your solution and how close it is to market and discloses your search for an investor. The pitch is transparent and confident, which can pique the interest of potential investors.

Gain customers

This approach concentrates almost entirely on what you can do for the potential customer. The pitch should give as much detail as possible, focusing on a problem and how your company can resolve it. Your narrative should follow a logical sequence easy for the listener to understand and connect to a specific problem you know they’re experiencing. If you don’t have specifics, concentrate on an issue common to their industry.

Virtual pitching

This type of pitch is most effective when sent by email or LinkedIn, although it works face-to-face too. It’s a blunt and to-the-point pitch that still ticks the three main boxes of an elevator pitch that should be memorable, interesting, and brief. You should read the pitch carefully before clicking send. If it takes longer than 20 seconds to read, it needs editing.’s Elevator Pitch Template makes it easier to craft your pitch while saving you valuable time. It’s also easy to customize and integrate with other templates in’s Work OS.

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Refine your pitches with’s elevator pitch template

You can build high-quality elevator pitch templates with Our Work OS environment simplifies workflow processes and widens the scope for collaborations between individuals and teams.

Working from different locations, your teams can add and manipulate columns, colors, fonts, and even images, enabling them to produce unique templates for every occasion that stick to the brand. They can brainstorm ideas and delegate tasks, with every change and update saved automatically to the cloud.’s Work OS platform reduces time spent on repetitive tasks and frees you to concentrate on content and get the job done on time. For example, its automated workflow feature will immediately notify the delegated editor when a team member has drafted a new elevator pitch or changed an existing one. provides a wealth of templates to make it easier for you to store, collate, and utilize data acquired from your elevator pitches. Its simple-to-customize features easily integrate with other templates in our Work OS platform, helping you streamline your processes and drive productivity.

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Templates that partner with elevator pitch templates

An effective elevator pitch template keeps track of the ones you and your colleagues deliver, helping you avoid repeating a pitch to the same person twice. When connected to relative templates, it can harness more of’s powerful Work OS, creating a flow of connected data that can improve sales, enhance the brand, and streamline a project.

CRM template

Our CRM Template lets you capture and directly import leads generated by elevator pitches effectively. It can also capture leads through embedded web forms, provide at-a-glance visuals of unlimited sales pipelines, and manage accounts by various means, including priority and deal size.

Post-event opportunities template

Our Post-Event Opportunities Template helps you collect feedback in a customizable form-powered board and makes it easy to monitor follow-up opportunities, prioritizing them by size, status, value, and deadline date. The template also lets you summarize data, providing dashboards and other views displaying high-level overviews of various information, including overall satisfaction, feedback trends, and lead forecasts.

Attract investors and generate leads with’s elevator pitch template

Studies show auditory stimuli take only 8-10 milliseconds to reach the brain, so the 20-30 seconds spent giving an elevator pitch provides significant opportunities to ignite the temporal lobe’s auditory cortex. You can enhance those precious moments if you keep in your head a pre-constructed elevator pitch well rehearsed and appropriate to the occasion.

Establishing a productive elevator pitch template for you and your team may seem daunting, but’s free elevator pitch template will remove challenges. As with all our templates, you can tailor it to your specific needs and get help and support when you want it from us.

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