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Jeff Bezos, Shep Hyken, and Richard Branson are the top advocates of customer experience. Jeff Bezos, the richest man on the planet attributes quality customer experiences as the key to the gigantic success of Amazon. Jeff urges his team to consider users as a guest and inspires them to offer the best possible treatment. Jeff believes in spoiling customers with quality experiences that no one can offer.

In the recent past, customer experience has not only got popular but has been established as the key differentiator in every industry. What started with online organizations has reached industries that operate on a local level. Customer experience’s true success is best represented by the fact that organizations are now diverting their marketing funds towards customer experience innovations.

While bigger organizations are investing heavily in customer journey mapping, benchmarking services and expert consultancy, small-scale and nascent start-ups are relying on CX resources available online, which includes qualitative content on CX, podcasts, articles, communities, and videos shared by industry veterans.

At MattsenKumar, we are perhaps the biggest advocates of customer experience management. We have tried to collect the most valuable CX resources and list them here to promote ease of use. You can be an executive at traditional organizations or a founder at a bootstrapped startup, this resource will help you find the most relevant customer experience content.

Top Customer Experience Influencers to Follow

Shep Hyken

Shep Hyken needs no introduction, he is a best-selling author, leading CX Influencer, an Amazon Prime show host, and an amazing teacher. Currently, Shep Hyken is the Chief Amazement Officer of Shepard Presentations.

Shep’s book, blog, and videos are aimed at helping enterprise leaders understand and implement the intricacies of customer experience management. She was recently inducted into the National Speakers Association Hall of Fame for Lifetime Achievement in the speaking profession.

Check him at

shep hyken

Annette Franz

Founder and CEO of CX Journey Inc, Annette Franz is an internationally recognized CX leader. Annette is a Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, and successful CX Coach. With 30 years of experience, Annette has almost every CX recognition and award in her kitty.

Annette is also the 2020 CXPA board chair and advisory board member of CX@UCI. Annette’s expertise lies in customer journey mapping. Through her intricate processes, she helps organizations offer an exceptional customer experience.

Find her best work at

annette franz

Blake Morgan

A guest lecturer at Columbia University, Blake Morgan has also authored two books. Often referred to as a Customer Experience Futurist, Blake Morgan is your go-to CX influencer for identifying the next big thing.

Blake contributes highly articulate and meticulous posts on portals like Harvard Business Review and Forbes. Blake has helped several organizations improve their customer experience. She also co-hosts a very popular podcast called “Be Your Boss”.

Follow her work at

Blake morgan

Jeanne Bliss

Jeanne Bliss is undoubtedly one of the most popular names on our list. Jeanne bliss is the CEO & Founder of Customer Bliss. She also plays the role of Co-founder at CXPA quite effectively. After delivering over 1500 keynote speeches and training over 20,000 leaders, Jeanne Bliss is at a stature that is the dream of many.

For many, it is tough to discuss customer experience without mentioning Jeanne Bliss. The author continues to inspire the next generation of CX leaders through her posts on her blog Customer Bliss.

Know more about Jeanne via

Colin Shaw

Colin is one of the most important influencers on our list because he is a master of all. Colin was named one of the top 150 Business Influencers by LinkedIn. His company Beyond Philosophy LLC was also recognized as one of the best management consultancies year after year.

Colin has also authored books and contributes incessantly to his popular podcast named The Intuitive Customer. His contribution to the varied institutions has helped him become a renowned name in the Customer Experience management industry.

Join Colin’s journey at

Colin shaw

James Dodkins

A very renowned Keynote Speaker and Content Creator, James was recently named as the number 1 CX Influencer by Customer Experience Magazine. His work with Disney, Nike, and Lego is like a manual to epitome customer experience for many.

James Dodkins’ customer-centricity is the key to the success of organizations he works with. James hosts Amazon Prime’s popular show “This Week in CX”. Many in the industry refer to James Dodkins as “Customer Experience Rockstar”.

Learn more about James’s work at

James Dodkins

Adrian Swinscoe

A podcaster, blogger, best-selling author, and service consultant. Adrian has donned varied hats through his illustrious career. Adrian’s book “How to Wow” and “Punk CX” are best-sellers and quite helpful in shaping an organizations’ CX.

Adrian is on a mission to help enterprise improve their processes, scale their business, and grow revenue by offering an exceptional customer experience.

Follow Adrian’s work at

Adrian Swinscoe

Stacy Sherman

Stacy Sherman is a leading CX influencer, her aim of connecting with authentic people and inspire great customer experience is based on having motivated and engaged employees. Stacy Sherman is a renowned keynote speaker, blogger, podcaster, coach, and a Forbes Contributor.

Stacy is a founding CX Board Member and Advisor at George Washington & Seton Hall University. Stacy also hosts a popular community that goes with the name of “Women Leaders Making a Difference”.

Follow Stacy at

Stacy Sherman

Nate Brown

Nate Brown is an established name in the world of CX management. Nate has co-founded CX Accelerator and is among one of the top 50 ICMI Thought Leaders. Nate is a veteran in the field of customer journey mapping, he shares his expertise through blogs and at speaking events.

Currently, Nate is also serving as the CEO of Officium Labs, Nate’s expertise lies in the survey process and analysis, and employee engagement.

More information on Nate available at

Nate Brown

Kaye Chapman

Kaye Chapman is a Customer Experience and Learning Specialist. Kaye works in close ties with global organizations to design outstanding customer experience by establishing people-first policies.

Kaye is quite active in the CX Accelerator Slack community, she contributes as a Community Organizer and Facilitator. Apart from all her corporate collaboration, Kate Chapman actively contributes to varied channels like CustomerThink and Business2Community.


Kaye Chapman

Top Customer Experience Blogs to Follow

My Customer

My CustomerGuiding its readers about the simple tricks to engage and serve customers globally, My Customer is the best online platform that empowers its readers with some simple tricks to improve their customers’ journey and experience. It assists its readers with some great insights into engaging and serving their customers throughout their journey, from purchasing to beyond.

Published by SIFT, a leading B2B publisher specializing in online and interactive professional communities, their core focus stays on data-driven marketing and customer experience management.

Shep Hyken’s (Customer Service Blog)

Shep HykenManaged by the customer service and experience expert and the Chief Amazement Officer (CAO) of Shepard Presentations, this blog shares everything and anything about customers. From sharing the tips on improving customer service and customer experience, this blog also helps one develop a broader understanding of enhanced customer care, customer loyalty, employee engagement, and much more.

Do check his website Shep Hyken, as you would also get to listen to some amazing podcasts of Shep interviewing experts like Ryan Minton and Brian Sprinkle from the industry.

People Metrics

PeopleMetricsHelping clients to measure and improve patient experience, B2B client experience, and B2C customer experience, this blog is a knowledge bank for those looking for ways to improve customer experience.

The People Metrics shares regular updates with its readers and helps them understand the tricks to deliver a better customer experience, creating a customer-centric culture and others. Don’t miss checking this one out regularly or at least, more frequently.

MattsenKumar Blog

A leading Outsourcing Service provider that allows end-clients to access quality customer experience management services and outsourcing capabilities. The MattsenKumar blog offers qualitative resources on customer experience including articlespodcastsebookscase studies, and infographics. Subscribe to their newsletter and you will never miss an important update from the world of customer experience.

The Michelli Experience

A customer expTMEerience blog by one of the reputed and recognized New York Times #1 Bestselling author, Joseph A. Michelli, Ph.D., C.S.P., is a coveted speaker, author, and organizational consultant. His blog, The Michelli Experience is a clear reflection of how he can help businesses adopt exceptional business practices to deliver exceptional customer experience.

The consulting services, keynote and workshop presentations, and the bestselling books offered to some of the world’s leading customer experience companies have enabled them to stay focused and continue their process of growth.

Customer Experience Podcasts to Follow

Gartner ThinkQuest

GartnerComing from the house of Gartner, this podcast packs some in-depth customer experience insights. The podcast offers an exceptional understanding of customer experience by correlating it with AI, cloud, and other prodigal technologies. Gartner podcasts are packed with incomparable information on disruptions expected in customer experience space in coming decades.

Listen to Gartner ThinkCast

 The CX Cast by Forrester

CX FOrresterLet’s admit it, we all have relied on Forrester studies and reports for statistics and genuine insight into the near future. The intricate studies offer a meticulous understanding of varied subjects. The CX Cast by Forrester is the one-stop-shop for all CX-related information and news. This particular podcast is good enough for individuals willing to learn CX management and equally valuable for industry leaders.

Subscribes to The CX Cast By Forrester

Voices of Customer Experience

worthitOne of the top CX influencers, James Dodkins is a popular guest on the Voices of Customer Experience podcast. Along with James, influencers like Jeff Toister and Stacy Sherman also offer some genuine insight into the world of customer experience.

This is perhaps the most educative and entertaining Customer Experience podcast. The unique style keeps the listeners hooked and also surprises them with unique trivia and statistics.

Listen to all CX Rockstar on Voices of Customer Experience

The CX Network

CX NetworkWell, we all have stumbled upon the CX network at least once when looking for quality CX resources. The podcast offers access to quality as well as quantitative CX-related studies and information. The stories, the anecdotes, the case studies, and the genuine perspective discussed on the CX Network are good enough to help a fresher become a CX veteran.

Access all Episodes of The CX Network

The Modern Customer

Blake MorganThe popular CX leader Blake Morgan hosts some of the top executives on this podcast. The episodes help listeners understand the CX framework, importance of mapping, and relevance of self-service in the customer journey.

Some of the top executives from the customer experience space have visited this show and shared their understanding and learnings of CX management.

Tune in to The Modern Customer Podcast

Top Customer Experience YouTube Channels

SAP Customer Experience

With an array of experts lining up to share the best available information on Customer Experience, this YouTube is growing very popular. The channel has a reputation since it comes from the house of SAP but it leaves no stone unturned in impressing the audience with quality content.

The channel takes freshers through the entire customer journey mapping and offers a clear understanding of customer experience and factors that influences the customer experience.

Subscribe to SAP Customer Experience

Behind the Brand with Bryan Elliot

This channel hosts some of the most amazing interviews of influencers, entrepreneurs, and innovators. The show ensures that a loyal audience goes back home smarter than they were before they tuned in to the episode.

When it comes to customer experience, leaders and influencers like Gary Vaynerchuck, Seth Godin, and Brian Solis have visited the show and offered some path-breaking insight into customer experience management.

Visit Behind the Brand with Bryan Elliot

Pat Flynn’s Channel

Pat Flynn is a household name, he is a passionate blogger, famous digital marketer, and shrewd YouTuber. His entrance in Pat Flynn has made YouTube a lucrative career option for many bloggers, who believed copywriting was the best career for themselves.

Pat Flynn’s understanding of marketing, customers, and customer experience makes him a legit CX influencer to follow. Some episodes on Pat Flynn’s channel are so engaging and entertaining that we cannot help but add his channel to our list of eminent customer experience resources.

Pat Flynn’s YouTube Channel

Oracle CX

There’s a saying, some organizations will do it just because their competitors are doing it! Well, a good number of Oracle competitors started offering insight into CX once Oracle started.

They not only produce content that tops the chart but also hosts executives who are game-changers. Quality content on customer experience allows viewers to develop an understanding that is irreparable and not available anywhere else. Every cx enthusiast must subscribe to this particular channel and never miss any videos.

Join Oracle CX YouTube Channel

GaryVee YouTube Channel

Well, do we need to introduce everyone’s favorite Gary V? This man no introduction, he has changed influencer marketing forever. With his exceptional insight into customer management and friendliness, he has created an audience that is entertained just with his on-screen presence.

Gary Vaynerchuck is a great advocate of customer experience innovation. His entire experience comes from dealing with customers at the wine shop on a personal basis. He has revolutionized the marketing space and it is not the end. His YouTube channel takes customer experience learning to the next level.

Acess Gary Vaynerchuck’s YouTube Channel

Top Customer Experience Books to Read

The Innovator’s Dilemma by Clayton M. Christensen

Well, Jeff Bezos recommends this as one of the best books on customer experience and we don’t think there’s any other reason you need to pick this book up. A great book that deciphers the mind of innovators and offers insight into shaping unique customer experiences that win hearts.

The Innovator’s Dilemma is a swift read and allows readers to swim through the thoughts and insights offered in the book. For anyone who is innovating or building a customer experience from scratch, this book will help them navigate their thoughts well.

Checkout The Innovator’s Dilemma on Amazon


Customer Experience Management: How to Design, Integrate, Measure and Lead

If there’s one book on the customer experience you need to read, it is this one. The book starts from scratch and builds up the customer experience to help readers understand what it takes and how it impacts.

The reading experience is in itself a testimony that this is the best book on customer experience. One of the most popular books on CX, this resource finds a place on our list because it has inspired thousands of executives to think out of the box when creating experiences.

Checkout Customer Experience Management

CX Management book

Outside In: The Power of Putting Customers at The Center of Your Business

Well, every blog post you read or every podcast you listen to on the web is condensed and put up together in this particular book. We can certainly call this book the best book on customer experience, ever written.

Some of the top executives have cited this book as their source of learning customer experience management in varied interviews and podcasts. Check out this book today because it tells you what leaders like Jeff Bezos and Shep Hyken have been saying incessantly, put customers at the center of your business.

Checkout Outside In

Out side in

The Disruption Mindset by Charlene Li

Well, customer experience is surely the disruptor. It has disrupted the saturated industry and established itself as a key differentiator. This new and amazing book “The Disruption Mindset” by Charlene Li allows readers to see customer experience in a new light. The book promotes customer experience as a continuous journey. One can find a well-defined route to exceptional customer experience in this book.

The author has done a commendable job of offering genuine insight along with strategies that actually work in real life. The unique story-telling allows readers to have an immersive experience. For customer experience executives, this is one book they will want to read again and again. Charlene Li’s attempt of establishing hustling, experimenting, and disrupting the status quo resonates well with the readers.

Checkout The Disruption Mindset

The Disruption Mindset

Customer of Future: 10 Guiding Principles for Winning Tomorrow’s Business

Blake Morgan needs no introduction. Her contribution to the contemporary customer experience community is immeasurable. With her blog posts, podcasts, and online presence, she has helped thousands of executives understand customer experience better. The book “Customer of Future” takes her mission of putting customers at the center of business further and leaves a lasting impact.

With more and more businesses trying to put customers at the helm of their varied processes, this book proves to be a great read. Blake has tried to condense all her learnings, findings, and experiences in 10 guiding principles. When religiously adhered to, organizations can create an unbeatable user experience.

Get Customer of Future

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