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Case Management: Trisotech Perspective (7 Apr 2011)


Presentation I made on 7 April 2011 in the context of the preparation of a future Case Management Standard


Case Management A Trisotech Perspective Some Reflections : 7 April 2011 Denis Gagné Caveat This is not a « Position » presentation but rather a collection of current reflections on the topic Focus on the « What » not the « How » Not meant to be comprehensive Let’s agree to disagree Case Management already has many different definitions and implementations A Purist View Process Management Concerned with the Lifecycle of a Process C Case Content/Document Management Management Concerned with the Lifecycle of Content/Document Means to Case Management Ends Concerned with the Lifecycle of a Case P D Document/ Process Content Management Management All Involve Structured and Unstructured Work Efforts All are Means to achieving the Organization’s Ends Hybrids in all dimensions are possible and do exists Of Case and Process C P D Case Management The Case is the central entity and Processes are applied as needed Many Processes may be applied to a Case Process Management The Process may progress the Case(s) The Case (most often) lives on past the process Of Case and Content/Document C P D Case Management The Case is the central entity and Content/Documents are consulted or created as needed Many Contents/Documents may be consulted or created in the context of a Case Content/Document Management Some Content/Document are an integral part of the Case The same Content/Document may be consulted within many different Cases Defining Nature of Case Management Case as central entity Plan, Coordinate, Control Work efforts and apply Resources to progress a Case Work efforts => Structured and Unstructured Resources => Case Workers (Knowledge Workers) and Knowledge Knowledge => Explicit and Tacit Is Governed and Auditable Governed => Directives and Restrictions Auditable => Comprehensive Time Based History The Case Worker Perspective Can use their experience and knowledge to determine the next Action to progress the Case Initiate a Process, Initiate a Collaboration, Add Facts to the Case, Log an Event, Etc.. Defining Nature of a Case A Case is an abstract business entity Actions A Case has a Lifecycle A Case has a Case file (folder) Applied to Actions can be taken against a Case has a has aCase file Case Lifecycle Case Progression (Perspective) The lifecycle provides a « Leading » Actions perspective for the Case The Case File provides a « Lagging » Current perspective for the Case The Actions are taken in the « Current » Perspective of the CaseCase file Case Lifecycle Lagging Leading Case Lifecycle A Case has a Lifecycle A Lifecycle is a collection of Sates and/or Milestones and their Interrelationships Actions Milestone = specific State @ specific TimePoint Applied to A Lifecycle could be defined using various means: State Diagram has a has aCase file Case Lifecycle Sequence of Phases Stage Gates Etc.. Case file A Case has a Case file A Case file contains the explicit knowledge of the Case Actions A Case file contains structured or Applied to unstructured knowledge about the Case A Case file contains Case factsExplicit Knowledge has a has a A Case file should contain a rich Case file Case Lifecycle TimeAction log of the Case (instance) Contains Facts Case Actions Tacit Knowledge Actions can be taken againts a Case May Trigger An Action can be triggered Automatically or May Trigger Manually Actions May Affect An Action can make the Case progress within Applied to its Lifecycle or not An Action is taken in the current Explicit andExplicit Knowledge Tacit context of the Case has a has a Case file Case Lifecycle Case file provides the explicit context Case Worker provides the tacit context Actions can be« available » or not depending on the current explicit context of the Case Availability is Governed Actions can be defined using various means: Logging (Events, States, Actions, etc) Applying Resources (Human, Material) CRUD Content/Document Process (BPMN) (Man or Auto initiated) Rule Set (Inferences ?) ECA ,etc. Case Management Tacit Knowledge May Take This conceptual view of Case Management May Trigger Actions Accounts for: May Affect  Prescriptive, Current Applied to  Adaptive, andExplicit Knowledge  Hybrid Case Management has a has a Case file Case Lifecycle Lagging Leading Contains Facts Within this Conceptual View Can treat a BPMN Process Instance as a Case: Case file = Process instance data + logs + annotations ++ Case Lifecycle = BPMN Process Lifecycle Case Actions = BPMN Process Model Can treat an Law Case as a Case Case file = Legal Docket Case Lifecycle = According to Jurisdiction (Open, Active, Filed, ….) Case Actions = Legal Procedures, various ECA and Rule sets, Manual logging of events and decisions… Can treat an Employee as a Case Case file = Employee’s file Case Lifecycle = Candidate, Active, Fired, Retired … Case Actions = Vacation Request Process, various ECA and Rule sets, Manual logging of events and decisions… Defining a Case Management StandardImportant to take a Case Management View Not a Process view of Case Not a Content/Document view of Case C P D Reference to BPMN 2.0 and CMIS 1.0 Loose Coupling Extensions if necessary but not necessarily extensions

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