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6 Exclusive Perks Enjoyed by Companies That Use RPA

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The business across the street from yours has just implemented Robotic Process Automation software. You’re on the outside looking in, wondering exactly how their organization is changing. Was there something wrong with their processes before? Will this affect their customers and clients? What kind of long-term benefits will they see?

Or, in summary, what are you missing out on?

Today we’re going to give you a glimpse into some of the members-only benefits of using Robotic Process Automation software.


Task and Process Automation

The DocuPhase platform can help your team stop wasting time and energy on tedious, manual tasks.

Workflow automation software can automate tasks, processes, exceptions, and user interactions to improve productivity, improve quality, improve response times, reduce costs, reduce labor, and create new opportunities for growth.

In fact, some companies using DocuPhase have been able to eliminate Administrative Assistants’ tasks and re-purpose those team members, allowing them to do more rewarding work. Process automation allows employees to work up to their full potential!

Workforce Virtualization

Utilizing a cloud-based document management and workflow solution means that documentation and processes are accessible from any location, as long as you’re connected to the internet.

Additionally, Robotic Process Automation software bots are always available on demand and ready to perform work 24/7. When you employ bots, there is no need to schedule breaks or apply employee benefits, no HR issues, and no complaints.

Increased Compliance

Certain industries face higher compliance risks. Audits are expected and can be a drain on resources. For these industries, world-class workflow automation software ensures compliance and facilitates high quality reporting.

Organizations running the DocuPhase solution are able to minimize the continued pressure and risks of ever-growing compliance regulations. Robotic Process Automation software can enforce process rigor and business requirements, while providing self-updating process documentation.

Responsive Scaling

When paper-based companies experience growth in demand and customer base, they hire more employees to take on the additional work created. In contrast, when automation-based companies grow, their human employees are able to continue operating as normal, as the workflow automation bots take on the extra workload. This incredible technological feat is described in the article “How to Scale a Business Without Adding More Employees.”

As transactions increase or the demands of a process or task grow, the number of virtual robots can be easily multiplied, intelligently duplicating the best version of your best employees and accommodating changes to demands and workloads.

Customer Self-service

The perks of workflow automation software extend beyond your company’s internal operations. The software also benefits the organization’s customers and clients.

Through the use of web-based forms, user portals, and automated feedback, Robotic Process Automation software enhances communication, connectivity, and customer satisfaction.

Robotic Accounting Automation

While many companies are now offering Robotic Process Automation software, DocuPhase specializes in Robotic Accounting Automation, which is the application of Robotic Process Automation bots to Accounting-specific documents and processes.

Robotic Accounting Automation includes the following capabilities: AP invoice receiving, AP data entry, three-way matching, automated GL coding, exception processing, expense report processing, approval routing and notifications, journal entry approval and tracking, and customer and vendor process notification.

Now that you’re aware of what’s going on next door, you can decide for yourself whether or not Robotic Process Automation software is right for you. If you want more information, request a free white paper or schedule a custom demo for your team.

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