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6 Checklists to Perfect Your New Employee Onboarding Process

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6 Checklists to Perfect your New Employee Onboarding Process

Introduction to Employee Onboarding

In this post, I’m going to define and explain the benefits of employee onboarding, then give you access to six employee onboarding checklists that you can use on their own or easily import into onboarding software like Process Street.

Why checklists? Well, checklists are the most popular way to onboard new employees, and that’s for a good reason.

Employee Onboarding Strategies

Checklists help you to follow a process, make sure you don’t neglect anything important and stay compliant. Instead of making you write your own, you can use one of the 6 we’ve prepared for you as a basis, and either take it as it is or modify it for your business.

Don’t want to read? Just want the checklists? Here you go 🙂

More about why checklists are awesome for onboarding!

If you want to retain the top talent, good employee onboarding is essential. First impressions are everything.

benefits of employee onboarding

Let me offer you some facts by Christine Marino in 7 Need-to-Know Facts About Employee Onboarding:

when employees quit

But wait, let me back up a bit. What exactly is onboarding?

(If you want only the checklists, just scroll down a little further.)

What is a New Employee Onboarding Process?

According to iCIMS “onboarding is the initial process of assimilating new hires into an organization”. It covers every step such as (but not limited to):

And here’s something you really want to know about: it increases productivity, makes the new hire happier and saves you money.

bad employee onboarding

The statistics seem pretty grim, but don’t worry – help is here! A study conducted by Madeline Laurano in 2013 found more about the best onboarding strategies (read it here). As it turns out, the most commonly used strategy in the new employee onboarding process is creating a checklist. Coincidentally, Process Street has the right templates for you to use!

Scroll down to find the employee onboarding checklists I have prepared for you and find the right one for your company’s needs now.

Get Our 6 Employee Onboarding Checklists Below

General Employee Onboarding Checklist

new employee onboarding process - general employee onboarding process

With the variety of jobs and professions, it’s hard to cover every single onboarding checklist (but we’re working on it!) so for now, I present you the ultimate new employee onboarding checklist.

While not job-specific (e.g. restaurants or retail) this checklist covers everything you can think of (but can’t always remember) to bring your employee up to speed with the company.

Use it, adjust it to your needs and start improving the way your employees perform their duties before they’ve even started!

Call Center Employee Onboarding Checklist

new employee onboarding process - call center employee onboarding

Imagine this – your new call center employee has arrived for their first day of work. She has 10 years of experience in the job so you just put her straight to the phone. What could go wrong?

The phone rings, she picks up and politely introduces herself. Everything seems to go perfectly well. “What’s that? I’m sorry… Could you hold for a second?” She frantically goes through a pile of papers left on the desk for her. It’s some manuals, a prank welcome card and notes from the previous employee who worked at the desk.

“I’m sorry, I am going to have to redirect you to someone else,” she says as she gives up against the pile of irrelevant papers. She hangs up, sits back and cries. No, not because she’s a woman (let’s not get into that!) – she cries because she has no idea what she’s meant to be doing here. Her work-buddy John is in the next stall. He’s been weeping and redirecting calls for two weeks now.

Think what it does to your customer satisfaction and your employee productivity and happiness!

Worry no longer as we have prepared a call center employee onboarding checklist for you to use, starting the day you hire a new employee. We have made sure you do not miss a thing and worked hard so your new onboarding process is successful, employees happy and clients taken care of. Sounds great, doesn’t it?

Checklist CTA

Retail Employee Onboarding Checklist


Retail employee onboarding is often done in groups, through training presentations or remotely, through videos. Employee orientation sessions, as they are often called, usually include information about the brand, the values of the company and how/why the company started up in the first place.

You own a great retail business and need people, just as great to work in it and help it succeed. Perhaps you once were a retail worker, perhaps not – either way – you once were an employee (unless you were born into a retail chain owner family in which case you need this checklist even more!).

If you look back to the days of working for someone else – can you remember your induction process? Can you trace back the steps of your onboarding? What would you have done differently? Did you wish you had more training and attention invested in you for you to feel valuable and prepared?

This is your chance to use the retail employee onboarding checklist of your employee’s dreams. This checklist will make sure your employees are informed, trained and left with a smile on their face (which is exactly what you want given that they will be in direct contact to your customers).

Checklist CTA

Restaurant Employee Onboarding Checklist


Hiring a new employee for your restaurant is very much like creating a new ad for it. When you create a billboard or a TV promotion you hire a whole team to think of the best ways to engage the clients and prove your restaurant is the place to be.

A new hire is there to prove that your adverts were true – they interact with customers, create the whole experience and are with your customers all the way through. Given how much time, money and energy you have spent in creating the perfect advert it is only logical you would invest the same attention into your employees – the live version of your restaurant’s promotion.

Here’s a checklist created for you to cover the basics on how to onboard your employees to ensure they are happy, prepared and ready to make your restaurant the one people want to come back to! Get the restaurant employee onboarding checklist now and use it every time when you employ a new restaurant worker.

Checklist CTA

Developer Onboarding Checklist for Startups

new employee onboarding process - developer onboarding checklist

Developers are sometimes thrown in at the deep end when joining a new company, expected to teach themselves any parts of the code base and architecture they don’t know. While this works for some people, it can be incredibly stressful and might make your new hire want to quit.

The costs of replacing a developer are tremendous if you think about the half-finished projects and time it would take for a new employee to fill the gaps, so we have created a developer onboarding checklist for you to use every time a developer joins your team.

Prepare them for what’s to come, make them feel welcome on their first day and keep up with their work in the following weeks by using this simple developer onboarding checklist.

Checklist CTA

Salesperson Onboarding Checklist for Startups

new employee onboarding process - salesperson onboarding checklist

It doesn’t matter whether your company specialized in B2B or B2C – you want your sales team up to the highest standard.

Unfortunately, this is not a perfect world and people don’t come to your company knowing everything. And I’m not talking about the job specifics entirely. Each company has their own tricks or if we get to a more basic level – different staff, office layout, dress code. All of these things, whilst familiar and even obvious for you, are going to be completely new to your employee.

At first, it must seem like a lot to cover, remember and deal with. There are plenty of steps, and who can remember them all? Now, that is exactly why Process Street has prepared this salesperson onboarding checklist for startups.

It will guide you every step of the way starting from the moment your new employee is hired. You will be taken through the first day, week and month. This template includes all the information you need, including double-checking your company handbook. We have thought about everything so all you need to do is get it here and start using it.

Checklist CTA

Use Process Street to Create a New Employee Onboarding Process

Process Street is the best workflow management software, and we are all about helping you and your company get the best results every step of the way (and simultaneously offering you the satisfactory feeling of ticking off boxes).

While we try to cover every onboarding checklist possible, there’s plenty of other branches waiting to be tackled. Process Street helps with documenting systems of all kinds, from employee and client onboarding to content marketing, employee training, and more.


If you’re looking for checklists to guide you through the client onboarding process, we have those too here.

Let me know in the comments if there’s an onboarding checklist your business would like us to make. Alternatively, get right to it and create your own – it’s easier than you think!

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