Business Process Incubator

Don't just automate your existing business processes digitalize them to take advantage of new trends and disruptive technologies (including Fast Data, the Internet of Things, Mobility, the Event-Driven Enterprise) to innovate how your business operates and reinvent your value.

For the last 30 years business process management (BPM) has been a combination of technologies and methodologies used to define, optimize, and automate (digitally enabling) existing processes within an enterprise. A new era of BPM has arrived, and TIBCO is leading the charge to help you digitalize so you can open a new economy, extend into new markets, and provide new levels of customer satisfaction.

TIBCO ActiveMatrix® BPM is a single business process platform able to handle an enterprise's business process needs… all of them. It was designed to be business friendly with enterprise strength, able to manage departmental processes as easily as enterprise mission-critical processes and span human workflows to case management.