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BPMN Pocket Reference

Author: Mr. Kenneth J Sherry
Publisher CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform (March 9, 2012)
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  • The BPMN Pocket Reference is a guide to each BPMN notation as described in the Version 2.0 specification. The individual notations are described clearly using individual graphical diagrams showing how they are depicted. Each notation is explained with a brief description and examples of use. Notations can be easily referenced by the detailed table of contents giving the exact page of the notation and examples. The book is divided into 20 chapters: Activity Notations, Task Types, Call Activities, Connectors, Messages, Conversations, Choreography, Artefacts, Gateways, Process Pools and Swimlanes, Start Events, End Events, Inline Intermediate Events, Boundary Intermediate Events, Escalation Events, Signal Events, Cancel Events, Error Events, Compensation Events and Collapsed Event Sub-Process.

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